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BYU Idaho Considers Bold Move, Part II

January 2nd, 2007 by Halli

In Part I, it was revealed that Brigham Young University Idaho (BYU-Idaho), under the leadership of President Kim Clark, is considering forgoing all federal dollars, including government student aid, to get out from under the yoke of government regulation. Be sure to read Part I to learn the fate of two other religious colleges more than 20 years after they swore off government money.

Back to BYU-Idaho: Many questions remain as this courageous plan is considered. How committed to true academic freedom (from federal regulations) is President Kim Clark? How will parents of students react to the loss of federal student aid and education tax benefits? Will they send their children to other universities that do accept federal dollars? Might BYU-Idaho enrollment drop? Will BYU-Idaho be allowed to move forward with such a drastic change without BYU-Provo and BYU-Hawaii joining them?

BYU-Idaho has made brave forays into the unknown before, such as when it dropped its interscholastic sports programs. There were outcries from alums, and gasps of astonishment and fear from other universities. The result of the decision? Now more BYU-Idaho students participate in intramural sports than participated in all sports combined under the old program, with a corresponding increase in student physical fitness and good health.

It appears BYU-Idaho administration has the courage to move forward with such a bold action, should it be found to benefit the university and its students. Freeing itself from the shackles of government regulation seems like the right thing to do, as the feds continue to demonstrate their willingness and desire to control every aspect of its citizens’ lives.

A decision from BYU-Idaho is anxiously awaited.

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2 Responses

  1. » Blog Archive » BYU Idaho Considers Bold Move, Part I Says:

    [...] Be sure to read Part II of this post. [...]

  2. admin Says:

    Perhaps I’m just too tired to “do the math” but I haven’t determined President Clark’s motivation for exploring this option. I hadn’t understood the governmental oversight and regulation (as tied to federal funding) to be so heavy handed, especially since virtually every school simply accepts it. As a student or parent I would be terribly concerned about being able to afford skyrocketing tuition without Pell grants and other federal funding.

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