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Crapo and Simpson: The North American Union Comes Home to Idaho

March 7th, 2007 by Halli

Idaho’s Congressional delegation, specifically Senators Craig and Crapo, and Rep. Mike Simpson, have been solidly denying the existence of plans to turn Canada, the United States and Mexico into a North American Union. (Senator Larry Craig is widely seen as already being on board with a merging of the three nations, as seen in his support for illegal alien amnesty.)

The following account comes from a reliable source, though I cannot personally verify the details.

On February 24, the Region 7 Republican Lincoln Day Banquet was held in Idaho Falls. An individual approached Rep. Mike Simpson and Sen. Mike Crapo with the Idaho Farm Bureau news article revealing that the “Amero” (equivalent to the “Euro”) will soon be the currency of the North American Union. Mike and Mike were asked what they knew about such plans and what each of them were doing to prevent the formation of a North American Union. Each responded that they had looked into these claims, but there was no truth to them whatsoever. Perhaps there were some private groups working together, they said, but nothing more.

The Mikes were then asked why their fellow congressman, Rep. Virgil Goode, R-VA, is sponsoring HCR 40, which says Congress is opposed to the “NAFTA Superhighway”, also viewed as the initial route for North American Union-style trade. “Oh, he’s just covering his ‘bases’”, they responded.

The person making the inquiry then happened to visit with Rep. JoAn Wood, chairman of the Idaho House Transportation Committee. Rep. Wood said she had just attended Department of Transportation meetings in Washington, DC, where she had been given a large 3-ring binder filled with information concerning the introduction of Mexican trucks into the US, and other “new” transportation policies relating to the North American Union.

JoAn actually had the binder with her, and agreed to show it to Mike and Mike, which she did. She also let them have a piece of her mind, as only a wonderful Rigby grandmother can. Mike Simpson continued to deny that a North American Union is being promoted by our government, but Mike Crapo had an awakening of sorts, requested some copies of JoAn’s information and promised to look into the issue.

Senator Crapo, we’ll be waiting for your response.

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In the mean time, what do you think our chances are of stopping this whole sovereignty-swallowing, constitution-destroying plot if even the so-called “conservatives” in Congress deny that it’s being implemented?

Previous posts containing excellent links on the subject include “The North American Union: Coming to a Country Near You“, “Congress Waking Up to North American Union?” and “Update: North American Union Denied in Argument Over Semantics“.

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3 Responses

  1. David Hay Says:

    Well by not knowing about the issue we know that these guys are for it. We voted wrong again.

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