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Boo Hoo – Poor Idaho Moderates! Part I

March 19th, 2007 by Halli

Apparently “moderate” Republicans are feeling somewhat ostracized in the 2007 Idaho House. Let’s all pull out a hankie to wipe our eyes as we mourn their pain.

An Idaho Statesman article by Shawna Gamache reports on the soul-searching and turmoil suffered by the likes of Rep. Bob Ring. He laments that because he voted for House Speaker Lawrence Denney’s opponent, Rep. Bill Deal, he didn’t get the chairmanship of the Health and Welfare committee.

Ring may have totally overlooked the fact that Rep. Sharon Block has been serving as chairman of that committee, and returned to chair it in the 2007 session. In my recollection, sitting chairmen are not often removed unless by their choice to accept other assignments.

Yes, “moderates” lost seats in the House during November 2006 elections when Democrats unseated 6 mostly-moderate Republicans in the Boise area. Looks to me like most Republicans in the house are not missing them much.

Let’s examine some of the beefs Gamache attributes to “moderate” Republicans unlucky enough to serve in this year’s Idaho House:

  • Leadership positions all went to conservatives.
  • Some “moderates” say House leadership are pressuring them to vote for or against certain bills.
  • Few “moderate” bills are seeing the light of day.
  • Conservatives hope “moderates” will become discouraged and not seek reelection.
  • Rep. Max Black feels isolated now that he is no longer a “trusted adviser” to Speaker Newcomb. (Take heart, Max. No doubt Mr. Newcomb will be in need of your help in putting together lesson plans and pronouncing college level vocabulary in his new position at B.S. University.)
  • House leadership is perceived as undermining votes on “moderate” legislation.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Somehow Gamache fails to compare the 2007 Legislature to the previous sessions overseen by former Speaker Bruce Newcomb, a man who ruled (yes, ruled) with an iron fist. That would at least offer her some perspective.

Ms. Gamache, you may be so new to the Statesman that you never witnessed the “Newcomb House”. If so, in my humble opinion you should not be allowed to author articles about the 2007 House until you interview every lawmaker who served under him. At the very least, your article should include information about GOP lawmakers who opposed Newcomb and what happened to them. Or, is it possible that this omission was intentional?

No, I don’t buy the line that life is tough for Republican “moderates” in the 2007 Idaho House. After all, the term “moderate” is just another way to say “RINO” – Republican in Name Only. To them I say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the House (or at least the party).”

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7 Responses

  1. Henry Kulczyk Says:

    What the moderates want: A moderate amout of freedom and a moderate amount of tyrany

  2. Clay Says:

    Halli writes, “If so, in my humble opinion you should. . .” Come on Halli. There’s nothing “humble” about you.

  3. Rod Says:

    A moderate beat you in the primary. Get over it. Who’s whining now?

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  6. Jackie Says:

    Halli – can you tell me if legislators retired/stepped down under Newcomb? If not, I would say that Shawna was right on! How else do you explain Ring and Edmunson?

  7. Halli Says:

    Of course they did! A number of conservatives were so discouraged by Newcomb’s iron fist that they decided to leave the House rather than stay and take his punishment. Rep. Dave Callister comes to mind, for one.

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