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Boo Hoo – Poor Idaho Moderates! Part II

March 20th, 2007 by Halli

Read Part I

In my opinion, more firmly delineating differences between the two major parties will better serve both. “Moderate” Republicans are chiefly those who refuse to uphold the state party platform, a document created by grassroots Republicans, then reviewed and voted upon by them every two years in state conventions.

“Moderates” publicly agonize when they must vote their conscience and send pro-life legislation to the dust bin. They never met a tax increase they didn’t embrace, nor an entitlement program they haven’t championed. They solemnly support all kinds of encroachments on personal rights and control of private property. They will be heard intoning “It’s for the chiiiiiiiiildren” as often as the Democrats.

In short, they vote like Democrats 90% of the time anyway. Why not have a Democrat in the position and stop the deceit? In fact, many of them started political life as Democrats in the first place. They probably learned they couldn’t get elected with a “D” behind their name, so switched parties but not philosophies. Let us remember that former Speaker Bruce Newcomb is also formerly his county Democrat chairman.

When the GOP is forced to include the likes of Bob Ring, it dilutes party effectiveness, blurs the line between the parties, confuses and angers voters, and results in Idaho government moving to the left. That means higher taxes and greater government meddling and control of your life, your family and your property.

Perhaps the time has come to insist that all candidates choosing to run for office as Republicans first read the state Republican platform, and second, if they are elected, agree to uphold it. But these requirements would be meaningless unless those elected were held accountable for their actions while in office.

Want to know what that means? Take a minute to read it for yourself – the Idaho Republican platform.

Read Part I

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3 Responses

  1. » Blog Archive » Boo Hoo - Poor Idaho Moderates! Part I Says:

    [...] Read Part II  [...]

  2. Bubblehead Says:

    I read the Republican Party platform in the link provided, and wondered what they were trying to say in Sect. XXV: “The Idaho Republican Party opposes any attempt to undermine the constitutional people to select justices in an open competitive election process.”

    And this is the Party that wants to make English the official language?

  3. Halli Says:

    Bubblehead, I’m quite certain the words “right of the” were left out. If inserted, it would read “…undermine the constitutional ‘right of the’ people to select justices…”. There is a constant undercurrent from the Idaho Judicial Council and many attorneys in the legislature to appoint all judges. That is one reason the liberal Idaho Supreme Court judges will always resign midterm so their successors can be appointed rather than elected.

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