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Guest Post: Idaho Has New Parental Consent Law

March 28th, 2007 by Halli

From Idaho Chooses Life

Yesterday, Governor Butch Otter signed SB1082 into law. This legislation restores to Idaho families the rights and protections of Parental Consent before a teenage girl can get an abortion.

We are grateful for the Governor’s signature on this bill – which took effect immediately.

Our best estimate is that this law will go unchallenged in the federal courts. During testimony in the Legislature, the Abortion Lobby was unable to identify a single potential legal issue – even from Judge Lynn Winmill’s perspective of what the U.S. Constitution says. And, in fact, they run a substantial risk if they file suit and are found to have abused the courts by raising questions already settled.

Idaho’s new law is modeled on one adopted by the State of Arizona. The good people of that country share the burdens of living in the 9th Circuit – and have had nearly the trouble we have in finding the magical prescription required by that band of hardy liberals. But they have done it, and we will build upon their success in providing basic protections for Idaho daughters.

This year’s success is the fruit of much effort by many fine people. The history goes back to 1997, when Idaho Family Forum began shopping a Parental Consent bill to the Legislature. That next year, we worked with heroes like Dennis Mansfield and Nancy Bloomer to secure passage of a law – only to see it vetoed by Gov. Phil Batt.

With the election of a new governor in 1998, Bill Sali spent many years in the legislature and in federal court helping us craft and defend legislation which would not only pass the scrutiny of a liberal judiciary – but one which would be effective at protecting girls, their babies and the principle of parental authority over our families. Today’s success is built upon the great sacrifices and leadership Rep. Sali laid down over six sessions of the Idaho Legislature.

We wish to thank Rep. Tom Loertscher (R-Iona) and Sen. Russ Fulcher (R-Meridian) who picked-up Sali’s mantle to get the job done this year. Their leadership and skills made this a relatively painless lobbying effort, and it was a privilege to work with them.

And, finally, we thank you – our friends and supporters. Without your prayers, phone calls and financial support, we would not be in this position. It has taken great faith and perseverance to continue the fight for parental consent, and we are grateful for your patient sustenance of this ministry.

This new law is far from perfect. But it is a firm platform from which to build.

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