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Oops, Marty – The Experts Agree with Tom Loertscher!

March 28th, 2007 by Halli

No legislation, hearing or news conference rivaled the uproar caused by a simple question uttered by the chairman of the Idaho House State Affairs committee during a hearing for a bill which would have drastically restricted and regulated day care facilities.

The offending words: “What can we do to keep mom at home?”

You would think that Rep. Tom Loertscher, the chairman in question, had just yelled “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre.

Just when we thought Rep. Loertscher might have to be burned in effigy for his insensitivity, The Today Show and some leading experts show up on the scene. The news? Children fare better when cared for by their parents.

Oh, wait a minute – in the interest of full disclosure, children placed in daycare have larger vocabularies in 5th grade than children cared for at home. However, by 6th grade they display far more behavioral problems such as fighting and arguing. To hear child psychologist Neil Bernstein’s words for yourself, watch the video.

Those who displayed such volatile, near-violent reactions to Rep. Loertscher’s common-sense question reveal themselves as parents teetering on the brink of paralyzing guilt over sending their own children to daycare (and as possible daycare children themselves). Feminists and other self-proclaimed experts told them their children would actually be better off if they didn’t stay home with them all day. All that mattered was “quality time” with their children, not “quantity”.

Sorry, folks, the experts lied. Maybe you should have listened to your grandmother instead of Gloria Steinem and NOW. And while you have grandma on the phone, ask her why so many students are nearly unmanageable in our schools, why there have been such increases in teen pregnancy and teen crime over the last couple of decades. She probably has some pretty pithy ideas on the subject.

So, unless your goal is to produce children who cuss out their 6th grade teachers with highly creative phraseology, don’t outsource their upbringing.

Time to answer for ourselves: “What can we do to keep mom at home?”

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One Response

  1. MountainGoat Says:

    Hey all, just dropping in as a friendly voice from the “oppositon.”

    I was one of those who gave Rep. Loertscher a hard time for his stance on the daycare bill. Not because I think kids do better in daycare than at home, but because in many cases families can’t make ends meet with only one income. These families require some sort of daycare arrangement just to pay the bills and having a safe place to take them seems like a good thing.

    He also didn’t take into account single parent families who have few other options but daycare if they are to provide for their kids. (Now I’m sure we could have a lengthy discussion on the societal effects of that but we’ll save it for another time…no?)

    It seemed that Rep. Loertscher took a idealistic rather than realistic view of the issue and that was my beef.

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