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Boise’s University Place Attorneys Reach Settlement

March 30th, 2007 by Halli

As reported in the Spokesman Review, Roy Eiguren and L. Edward Miller, two attorneys at the center of the Boise University Place scandal, have reached an “agreement” with the Idaho Bar Association. The agreement includes fines and censure, but no loss of law licenses. And so another chapter of this expensive outrage comes to a close.

Basically, these attorneys represented both parties in the effort to construct a building to house a branch of the University of Idaho in Boise. The legal term “conflict of interest” figured prominently in the charges brought against the two. Of course, they cleaned up financially while the U of I lost big time. The U of I is still trying to dig itself out of the financial hole dug for it by their own officials, and these attorneys made out like the proverbial bandits.

The $17,500 “restitution costs and fees” assessed both Eiguren and Miller constitute a minuscule fraction of the losses to the U of I, and likewise, a minuscule fraction of the money each made in the scam.

By far the most complete and comprehensive history of the entire sordid mess is contained in the book, “Boise’s Watergate”, by “Deep Throat II”, which is available online or at local bookstores. And don’t miss the first 11 chapters of the book available for free at Deep Throat II had access to genuine inside sources and has compiled the entire horror story to date, with updates as warranted on the website.

Of course, the events, spanning a number of years and involving the Idaho legislature and leadership of both houses (at the time), are far too numerous to recount here. Suffice it to say that crimes were committed, most of which will go unpunished. Who is actually paying the price for the fiasco? Students and employees of the University of Idaho, and – as always – you the Idaho tax payer.

And, by the way, should you require the services of a couple of high-priced, highly experienced attorneys, Eiguren and Miller are only a phone call away.

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