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The Gestapo Comes to Idaho Falls, Part I

April 11th, 2007 by Halli

It is hardly necessary to recount how the Nazi party in Germany encouraged citizens to report neighbors who weren’t toeing the party line. This statement from the “Nazi Propaganda” section of the Holocaust Museum (Washington DC) reminds us:

“The Gestapo gathered much of its information from private citizens. Even children were taught to report on their parents. The Gestapo’s main sources, however, were Nazi party officials who constantly monitored the activities of all citizens [and] used such information to track political opponents.”

But we needn’t look further than the “numbered streets” neighborhoods in Idaho Falls for similar activities in the year 2007.

A new neighborhood organization known as the “Crow’s & Original Townsite Historic Neighborhood Association” (aka COTHNA) has been formed by a few officious women apparently seeking importance, influence and a vehicle for forcing their neighbors to “improve” their private property.

In their Spring 2007 edition of “The Crow Creek Connection”, it is revealed that the Idaho Falls Planning Department has received a federal grant to aid in “focused” cleanups in town. In the article, the “City Zoning Enforcement Officer” states,

“Maybe you’ve noticed an unkempt lawn or the local ‘salvage yard’. What about that yard that has turned into a parking lot? [ ] What spots on your street have become eyesores in an otherwise beautiful area? Do you ever wish they would just disappear?

We need your help. [ ] Take a walk one day and see how many properties you notice that you wish looked a little better. [ ] Let us know about them. We appreciate your phone calls…

One issue that many residents face when reporting these types of complaints is the fear that their neighbor might find out who complained. They [ ] don’t want to feel like a snitch or a naggy neighbor. Rest assured, your complaints are anonymous.”

Included on the next page of the newsletter is a pre-printed survey with spaces for addresses of the offending properties and details of the offenses. It wraps up with the assurance that “Even if you provide your contact information, we will keep your identity in confidence”. Respondents are then directed to mail the completed survey to COTHNA (or to email the enforcement officer).

Be sure to read Part II for a summation.

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Posted in General, Idaho Falls Issues, Politics in General, Property Rights, Taxes | 5 Comments »

5 Responses

  1. Tom Remington Says:

    Are you kidding me? Is Idaho turning into Yuppiedom or what?

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  3. C. N. Baker, 11th St Says:

    I think it is a bad idea too. I thought COTHNA should take the federal grant along with private donations and purchase property in Trish and Halli’s neighborhoods so that residents of Crow’s Addition and Original Townsite would have a place to park their dilapidated vehicles and other oil/antifreeze/transmission and power-steering fluid leaking works in progress. It could be a monument to your advocacy for private property rights. Keep up the good work ladies!

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  5. d Johnson Says:

    It is obvious that you ladies dont live anywhere around crows edition. Because if you did then you would know that there are already certain people in the area who already know everything about everyone even if they have to make it up or add this or that to make it sound better. Maybe you ladies would like to come and help clean up our area. We have plenty of used car lots in our area. (my personal favorite is the one on the corner of emerson and 11th). Or maybe you would like to come and direct traffic when I am trying to get out of my driveway and can’t see to the end of the block because of all the cars that are left on the street. Better yet maybe you ladies would like to come and be on garbage detail that blows into my yard because some people haven’t quite got the concept of what a garbage can is used for.I sure am glad that we have you ladies to make our opinions for us. That way we can spend more time cleaning up our neighbors messes out of our yards. Thanks!

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