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The Gestapo Comes to Idaho Falls, Part II

April 12th, 2007 by Halli

In Part I. the “Crow’s & Original Townsite Historic Neighborhood Association” (aka COTHNA) was described, and its most recent publication quoted. It urges all residents of the affected area to report their neighbors who fail to meet city zoning requirements in maintaining their private property. Be sure to read Part I for all the details.

Frightened yet? If you are a resident of the targeted area, will you regard your neighbors with a new suspicion? What if that nosy old man next door reports you for parking your travel trailer on the street for 1 night longer than allowed? Will anyone complain about your patch of wild flowers planted last spring, calling them overgrown weeds? Can you even imagine what feature of your property some informant will find offensive? How do you feel now that your area has been designated an apparent “slum”, so run down that it is in need of federal dollars to rehabilitate?

Let us review for a moment. Ganging up on unsuspecting city residents are none other than
* The City of Idaho Falls, the leadership of which has long been in the business of totalitarianism and confiscatory property taxes.
* Kathy Stanger, whose words and actions indicate she wishes to control others, and whose politics are based on relationships rather than principle.
* COTHNA, a new, quasi-governmental organization intent on telling others how to care for their private property.
* All four members of the COTHNA steering committee (all female, by the way), who, like the Nazi party officials mentioned in Part I, no doubt will “constantly monitor the activities of all citizens” so that they may be the main sources of “information” about their neighbors reported for enforcement.

Don’t misunderstand me: I fully believe that city ordinances barring overgrown weeds, storage of non-working vehicles, etc., are designed to protect residents and their property values. However, when city officials and neighborhood cabals urge citizens to spy and report on their neighbors, the effort has gone too far. Such actions should be left to the two city “zoning enforcement officers”.

I hope you sleep well tonight, all you residents of the COTHNA “slum”. Remember, as you eat, relax, work in the yard, and even sleep in your home, the new Gestapo of Idaho Falls has their eye on you. Will you be the next property owner reported to the officials?

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One Response

  1. David Says:

    Really now. It’s amazing how far people will go and how far they can twist the facts to make up a good story. If Halli had been at any of the meetings where these issues were discussed she would have heard a good balanced discussion about the very issues that she has blown out of proportion. She would have heard the caring, tolerant attitude that was presented by the unjustly accused city officials as they seek to help people understand city codes. This is my neighborhood. I live here. I want it to be a nice place to live. I gently try to effect positive change when I can. Communication and discussion of issues that make people uncomfortable is a necessary step in making any kind of attempt at positve change. These meetings are open to anyone. I invite you to come and share your opinions from a better informed perspective. I implore you to NOT make your points by using ugly name calling tactics. Oh and one more thing – some of us who simply are trying to find ways to care about our neighborhood are men. Your skewed facts are incorrect and offensive. Please become better informed.

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