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Guest Post: Democrat Candidates Pander to Death Lobby

April 28th, 2007 by Halli

From David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life

The eight candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination were on stage in South Carolina last night, a “conversation” broadcast across the nation by MSNBC.

There were many interesting discussions of a wide range of issues, but the issue of greatest concern to us is the challenge of abortion. Each candidate affirmed his (or her) heartfelt fealty to the “sacred” Roe v. Wade decision. Barak Obama and Chris Dodd had opportunity to bemoan the “awful” ruling by the Supreme Court in the most recent Partial Birth Abortion decision. Dodd argued that the Court turned its back on women and their health by declaring it is unlawful to kill a baby while it is being born.

Several of the candidates were asked whether they would use an abortion “litmus test” in appointing judges. All said without apology or hesitation that candidates for the court would have to pass muster on Roe v. Wade.

And then three of the candidates were asked which of the current justices were their preferred “role model”, the person who best represented their notion of an ideal justice. All three, including John Edwards, named Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A shiver should have passed through the nation.

Justice Ginsburg is among the most radical ideologues to ever sit on the high court. Ginsburg’s primary preparation for service on the high court was her tenure as a leading attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. She is guided not by the Constitution, but by her political interpretation of what the Constitution should say, and would say – IF the Founding Fathers had simply had her wisdom and insight into social and political challenges.

Here is a sample of Justice Ginsburg’s values, as exemplified by her rabid dissent in the Partial Birth Abortion decision:

“[Abortion rights are …] central to a woman’s autonomy to determine her
life’s course, and thus to enjoy equal citizenship stature.”

“[The majority’s thinking] reflects ancient notions about women’s place in
the family and under the Constitution – ideas that have long since been

Oddly enough, later in the debate, John Edwards was asked who came to mind as a key moral guidepost in his life. He stared for quite some time before mentioning several. Among them was his father. Edwards said his father had taught him the value of every single human life, regardless of age, race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. But, of course, Edwards is oblivious to his own betrayal of that principle by promoting the likes of Justice Ginsburg and her agenda of death for America.

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