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Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts Helping to Raise the Next Generation of Leaders, Part I

May 15th, 2007 by Halli

There are few if any organizations (with the exception of a handful of churches) which are even trying to help meet this pressing need.

Why, you may ask, should we worry about our future leaders? Don’t they just appear when needed?

The answer is an unequivocal and vehement “NO”. You need look no further than the majority of people serving in Congress to understand that there is little will to do what is right instead of what is convenient or even profitable. You’ll see the same in the business world, and even in many religions. Indeed, honest, upright, fearless leaders are in very short supply.

What challenges do boys and young men face on their way to adulthood and future positions of leadership? In addition to the examples set by corrupt leaders described above, they frequently must weather neglectful parents, too busy with their own careers, love lives, and pursuit of happiness to provide appropriate guidance. Even if parents have time and energy to devote to their children, they likely lack the moral strength to raise their sons to be “servant-leaders”. So many parents indulge themselves by refusing to say “no” or enforce family rules (if they bother to set any).

American society in general, and public education specifically, have become so “feminized” that normal active boys are routinely labeled troublemakers at best, and ADHD at worst, and administered drugs which can rob them of natural energy and initiative. Tailored for quiet, obedient little girls with advanced small motor skills, schools are not designed for boys’ natural and healthy proclivities. (There are some interesting theories that might explain some of this tendency towards feminization.)

Boys naturally have different needs and interests than girls of the same age. In my observations as a parent of 2 boys and 3 girls, as well as a Cub Scout leader, and church youth volunteer, I have learned that little boys have a much higher need for excitement, risk-taking,and large muscle activities, and very different learning styles and needs from girls. (Dr. William Pollack has studied boys and men, and what makes them tick, then has authored a number of books on the subject, if you wish to delve further into the subject.)

When the unique needs of boys are not met by their female teachers at school, or by their parents at home, boys will often seek out risky adventure, excitement and danger in inappropriate ways. It is no wonder that up to 30 times more homicides are committed by juvenile males than females. More than two thirds of all arrests of juveniles are of males. In every crime category (except prostitution and runaways), boys far outstrip girls as lawbreakers.

How do the programs of the Boy Scouts of America fit into this?

Be sure to read Part II.

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