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Guest Post: Some Uncommon “Common Sense” Tips for Pet Care

May 29th, 2007 by Halli

From Andi Elliott, Humane Society of the Upper Valley

- There is no law that says hounds must spend their lives chained; most have very shabby housing (which often matches that of their owner). It is NOT illegal for hounds to have decent living conditions.
-Most other advanced nations (including South Africa), have banned the mutilation (cropping of ears and docking of tails) of dogs. These procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons (can we say “owner vanity”) …very few for health reasons…such as the bloody condition know as “happy tail”.
-It is an old wives’ tale that a dog should have a litter of puppies before spaying…sometimes the process of pregnancy changes the dog’s disposition for the worse. (It sure has for many women.) If you want a pet, then make her a pet from the beginning and not a puppy factory.
-The local Bar is NOT the repository for unwanted animals…this is no place for pets. When patrons leave the bar, it becomes hazardous for abandoned animals and humans alike.
-Contrary to popular belief…neutering a dog or cat does NOT affect the masculinity of its male owner in the least, unless the man is experiencing some personal psychological issues.
-Because a senior citizen has cats does not mean that she wants your drop-offs. Chances are she is good hearted and trying her best, on a limited income, to spay/neuter and feed the ones she already has. Next time you “drop off” a litter, be sure to “drop off” a check along with it.

Andi Elliott
The Humane Society of the Upper Valley
POBox 51021
Idaho Falls, ID 83425

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One Response

  1. Tammy Grimes Says:


    Thanks for a great article, those are hilarious and so true! I especially wanted to thank you for the hounds chained in the yard bit…as founder of Dogs Deserve Better, I too believe that many people think it’s illegal to have a hound in the house! Or that they somehow ’smell’ different than other dogs…I’ve fostered plenty of hounds, and they became quite successful at living as part of the family, so would encourage everyone to visit our website at to learn more about bringing your best friend into the home and family.

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