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Summary of Senator Sessions’ Floor Speech Against Bill Providing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

May 30th, 2007 by Halli

The following is a brief summary of Senator Sessions’ speech given on the floor of the US Senate regarding problems with the illegal alien amnesty bill. For greater detail, read the Senator’s full remarks.

*earned income credit paid to illegal aliens given amnesty will cost $29 billion over 10 years

*10-20 years out, welfare benefits for illegal aliens given amnesty will cost $50-60 billion per year

*based on the 1986 illegal alien amnesty program, 50% more illegals than estimated will apply for amnesty now

*“Temporary Guest Workers” are transformed into permanent residents by language in bill

*family members of amnesty receivers are not required to demonstrate mental health or that they have no communicable disease

*an alien who has worked for as little as 150 hours in agriculture over the last 2 years will qualify for amnesty, or the “blue card”

*unlike most American workers, blue card holders can only be fired “for cause”

*the AgJOBS amendment pays not only for arbitrators, but also for free legal counsel to illegal aliens who want to receive this amnesty.

*a blue card holder, or temporary worker, becomes eligible for a green card by working a minimum of 1 day every 2 months

*“Grounds of inadmissability” have been changed to allow illegal aliens who were already removed from the United States and illegally reentered to receive legal status

*the alien’s “sworn declaration” must be accepted as evidence that the alien has met the amnesty’s work requirement, without further proof

*all illegal aliens enrolled in college will receive in-state tuition rates while American citizens will continue to pay out-of-state tuition to attend college outside their home state

*regarding Federal financial aid for illegal aliens attending college, while the Pell grants provision was removed from the bill, Stafford student loans and work study remains in

*illegal aliens who broke our laws by entering the United States and who have left and returned illegally perhaps multiple times still qualify for this amnesty.

*employers must prove that they made good-faith efforts to recruit U.S. workers before they can hire a temporary worker, but as defined on page 263 of the bill, a “U.S. worker” includes not only citizens, but also legal alien workers. And, amazingly, it also includes aliens who are “otherwise authorized under this act to be employed in the United States.” American workers are NOT protected.

*Recipients of amnesty must pay back taxes for only 3 of the last 5 years (and they choose which 3), but only after the IRS proves what they owe (nearly impossible task, especially for work done “off the books”)

*required background checks of applicants for amnesty must be performed within 90 days, but this will prove next to impossible to achieve

*if a federal agent is found to have accepted a fraudulent application for amnesty, he will be fined $10,000, while the applicant only paid $2000 to apply. The result? No application will ever be investigated.

*employers will not be required to pay back taxes on illegal aliens, giving them a possibly huge advantage over law-abiding employers

*illegal aliens who apply for amnesty (and their families) cannot be deported, detained, etc. until their applications are processed, guaranteeing them years of protection in the US, even if they do not, in the end, qualify for amnesty

*the $2000 “fine”, or fee, required to apply for amnesty is not due for 8-10 years after application is made by the illegal alien, and may never be paid at all.

Senator Sessions concluded his remarks with this comment:

It is clear the people who drafted this legislation had an agenda and the agenda was not to meet the expectations of the American people. The agenda was to create a facade and appearance of enforcement, an appearance of toughness in some instances. When you get into the meat of the provisions and get into the bill and study it, tucked away here and there are laws that eviscerate and eliminate the real effectiveness of those provisions. It was carefully done and deliberately done. This is a bill that should not become law. It is a bill that will come back to be an embarrassment to our Members who have supported it.

Read Senator Sessions’ full speech.

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