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North American Union: US, Mexico and Canada Plan August Summit

June 22nd, 2007 by Halli

The “Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)” between the three nations that comprise North America, plans their next summit for August 20 and 21 in Montebello, Quebec, according to

All three heads of state, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mexico President Felipe Calderón and U.S. President George W. Bush will all be present for the meetings.

PM Harper, quoted at, voices the sentiments seemingly felt by all three:

“We share a continent with the United States and Mexico, and our people, our economies and our security are closely interconnected”.

How closely do we want to be “interconnected”? Are Americans ready for a merging of the police and military of all three nations? For a super-constitutional body to hand out new legislation and justice? For our national security to suddenly look like Mexico’s? Are we ready to allow a NAFTA “superhighway” to bisect our nation to allow MORE foreign trucking and immigration, all completely outside the jurisdiction of the states is crosses?

Surprisingly, the 2005 agreement creating the SPP, also called the “North American Union”, is still unreported by most mainstream media. In fact, the original summit between the heads of state was essentially kept secret. Now exposed by such courageous individuals and groups as Jerome Corsi, Lou Dobbs,, the John Birch Society, Vive Le Canada, the Eagle Forum, The Center for Media and Democracy, Accuracy in Media, Eco, and the Council of Canadians, the opposition is mounting, at least in Canada.

At this very moment, Canadian protesters are organizing to attend the August summit in Quebec. Canadians fear the SPP is really a power grab for Canadian water and petroleum.

Will there be Americans among the protesters? Probably not – no one south of the border (Canada’s border, that is) seems to be paying attention.

Americans should fear the SPP as an attempt to do an end-run around our constitutionally guaranteed rights, to plunge us into third world status, and to “integrate” us with both Canada and Mexico. Personally, I cannot think of even one way in which I wish my nation to resemble Mexico (or even Canada).

Lou Dobbs rightly observes that Congress should be conducting an in-depth investigation of this entire covert operation. However, most congressmen are completely and blissfully unaware of the SPP, and apparently want to stay that way.

Even though most Americans will not travel to Quebec to protest the summit, we can at least contact our representatives and senators to make our opinion of the SPP known. Check out previous posts on this subject under the category “National Sovereignty” to the left. And be sure to send your email list a link to this post.

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Posted in Constitutional Issues, National Sovereignty, Politics in General | 3 Comments »

3 Responses

  1. Bubblehead Says:

    The original summit “essentially kept secret”? What planet are you on? The original summit got as much coverage as any Presidential meeting with other heads of state:,_Martin,_Fox_hold_summit,_sign_SPP_accord . Just because you don’t remember something doesn’t mean it was “kept secret”.

    Have you considered the possibility that the reason the media doesn’t report about the dangers of the SPP is that they know it’s a throw-away program that was created to make it look like the leaders made progress at the summit, and then goes away after a few years? There have been dozens of such initiatives over the decades — remember the U.S.-Soviet student exchanges (the ones that were supposed to “encourage communism”)? The media, rather than being engaged in some huge conspiracy, maybe doesn’t want to toss out whatever credibility they have left looking like black helicopter conspiracy theory loons.

  2. Halli Says:

    Bubblehead, for someone so apparently immune to “conspiracy theories”, you seem inordinately obsessed with black helicopters…

  3. Bubblehead Says:

    I’m just amused by the right-leaning extremists who are obsessed with “UN black helicopters trying to spy on us and institute a New World Order”. Do you doubt there are those types of people in Idaho? ( )They’re the same types who would think President Bush is trying to give away our sovereignty. Why don’t you just come out and say you’re opposed to anyone who supports President Bush? Or do you not think that his plan to give away our sovereignty is important enough?

    I normally use the phrase “black helicopter” to denote conspiracy theorists from the right and “moonbats” to describe those from the left, but with your apparent belief in the “Bush did 9/11″ conspiracy I’d say you’re coming at it from both sides of the political spectrum. Congratulations!

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