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Guest Post: Illegal Alien Amnesty

June 27th, 2007 by Halli

By George Reimann, Idaho Falls

To my Congresspersons:

Just when I thought the Congress and its attached bureaucracies were maxed out on being out-of-touch with the nation I was proven wrong once again. As a nation we are prohibited from drilling for oil, unable to build refineries, incapable of constructing reactors, unwilling to guard our borders, and refuse to allow the best military on the planet to properly conduct a war. But when considering a bill to convert the U.S.A. into a third world nation the Senate is all efficiency and haste. The approval of Congress is down to 14 percent, leaving room for still further decline.

The current amnesty bill, mislabeled immigration reform, was conceived in the Council on Foreign Relations and then handed off to the “best and the brightest” for conversion, in secret, to a legislative monstrosity intended to be approved quickly by the Senate with minimum discussion and limited amendments. But this subterfuge was exposed by talk radio so “we have to deal with that problem,” either by applying the “Fairness Doctrine” or by modifying McCain-Feingold with some “legislative fix.” And then the blogs must be dealt with. The government must have the power to decide who has the right to free speech.

The proper remedy would be to kill off S. 1348 (now S. 1639) and drive a stake through its heart so it never re-emerges in any form. But this leaves the labor shortage and illegal alien situation unresolved. No problem. The Secure Borders First Act of 2007 is being drafted for introduction in the House. This is a better place to manage such matters since all Representatives must run for re-election every two years so their hearing is much better. Hopefully the King-Smith bill will accumulate many cosponsors.

In addition to improving border security, this bill proposes, among other things, to: (1) ban matricular consular cards that allows illegals to open bank accounts and get mortgages; (2) require employers to check the legal status of all workers; (3) enforce employer sanctions systematically, not just sporadically; (4) allow for a market-based number of temporary agricultural workers each year; (5) hold 25% of workers’ pay in escrow to be collected when they leave; (6) make alien street gang members inadmissible and deportable, (7) Three drunk driving convictions means deportation; and (8) English becomes the nation’s official language.

Something seems strange if the Congress feels the need to enact laws to require the executive the enforce previously-enacted laws.

I would hope that amendments are added to eliminate all the freebies that serve as a magnet to attract illegals. This should include some attention to the Constitution for a change, specifically the “subject to the jurisdiction” phrase of the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment which has meaning of fundamental importance to the naturalization policy of this nation. The phrase meant full and complete jurisdiction. Therefore, any child born on U.S. soil to parents who were temporary visitors to this country and who, as a result of the foreign citizenship of the child’s parents, remained a citizen or subject of the parents’ home country was not entitled to claim birthright citizenship.

Also, as distasteful as it might be, the overall situation has now deteriorated to the point that counterfeit-proof driver’s license/ID cards have become necessary. “Your papers please.” These cards would be presented and passed through a card reader before an individual could vote for any candidate for Federal office. The Constitution reserves to the states the power to set voter qualifications in state and local elections, but the Constitution gives Congress the final authority to establish voter qualifications for federal elections and the Congress should assure by appropriate legislation the integrity of the election process without producing an unfunded mandate.

Atlas still shrugs.

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