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Guest Post: Immigraton Policy and America’s Redemptive Purpose

June 27th, 2007 by Halli

From Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance

As a firm believer in the Judeo-Christian tradition, I believe that God has a redemptive purpose for each nation. In other words, God in his providence assigns certain purposes to individual nations, purposes which assist him in his overall plan and purpose for the world.

(What I have to say in this portion of the update will not resonate with everyone, and is directed specifically to those who, as I do, embrace the Scripture and believe that it is the revelation of God to man.)

Israel is clearly one example of such a nation. Even a casual reading of the Old Testament indicates that God made the sons of Israel his chosen people in order to manifest himself to them and reveal to them his standards for living. This was in order that Israel in turn might share that knowledge with the nations of the world. The surrounding nations were to be drawn to Israel’s God as they observed how prosperous, peaceful, and secure a nation could be that reverenced him and obeyed his statutes.

According to the ancient prophets, other nations of the ancient world also served God’s purposes, in some cases even by coming against Israel militarily to discipline the wayward nation for turning its back on him.

I believe the United States similarly has a redemptive purpose, and while we may disagree in some particulars, most people of faith believe that part of that redemptive purpose involves being the “shining city on a hill” that the Puritans and Ronald Reagan spoke of so eloquently, a metaphor drawn directly from the teachings of Jesus and the vision he set before his followers.

America’s destiny is to offer to the world an example of what a nation can be when its public life is shaped by the spirit and ideals of Christianity, and whose values and standards for life are drawn from the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Central to fulfilling that divine purpose is preserving a strong sense of national unity, so that we demonstrate to the world the harmony that is possible when the people of a nation share certain ideals, such as the grounding of individual liberty in the rights granted to us by our Creator, and the grounding of individual responsibilities in the truths revealed by God to Moses on Mount Sinai 3,500 years ago.

It naturally then will be the heart of such a people to welcome strangers to its shores, so that they may be drawn up into those values, embrace them, assimilate willingly into their newly adopted culture, and assist us in spreading that vision to the rest of the world. It should always be the heart of the American people to receive the distressed and those hungering for liberty and spiritual freedom.

But also central to fulfilling this redemptive purpose, in my judgment, is that such open-hearted welcome be carried out in an orderly and well-managed way, to ensure that our process of assimilating newcomers is effective in enabling them to adopt the values that made America their destination of choice in the first place.

If well-managed immigration leads to integration and assimilation, our integrity as a nation is preserved, and our ability to carry out God’s redemptive purpose for our nation is enhanced.

But if immigration policies allow newcomers to fundamentally alter the cultural values that have made America the envy of the world, and results in the Balkanization of American society instead of preserving its unity, not only will our children and grandchildren suffer as a result, we will lose our capacity to carry out the unique redemptive purpose God has assigned to our people.

It is my judgment that uncontrolled immigration is threatening our national unity, fundamentally altering the DNA of our culture, and dimming the light of our “city on a hill.”

Thus I believe that regaining a sure and secure control of our borders as the first order of business is sound public policy for many reasons. Uncontrolled immigration not only threatens our national security, our national identity, our public health and our national stability, it also interferes with our ability to carry out God’s redemptive purpose.

The U.S. Senate will vote tomorrow on whether to keep alive the current “comprehensive” immigration bill, which I believe is bad for America because it weakens the rule of law by rewarding illegal behavior (it is, in my judgment, an amnesty bill), provides no meaningful assurance that newcomers will assimilate into American life, and will allow newcomers to transform American values rather than being transformed by them.

Without passing any judgment on the motives of those who support the comprehensive immigration bill, I feel compelled to oppose it for a host of reasons, not the least of which is its negative impact on America’s God-given role on the world stage.

It is particularly important that our senators hear from their constituents today. Sen. Crapo voted against reviving this bill yesterday, while Sen. Craig voted to keep it alive. Both will have another and even more important vote to cast tomorrow, and there is still an outside possibility that Sen. Craig may be persuaded to change his mind and vote against this “amnesty” bill.

If you think this bill is poor public policy, for whatever reasons, please call and urge our senators to vote “No” on “comprehensive immigration” in tomorrow’s procedural vote. One thing we all agree on is that much is at stake here, and regardless of where you stand on this issue, your senators represent you and need to hear from you today.

You may reach Senators Craig and Crapo at 202-224-3121.

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