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What Does Antifreeze in Chinese Toothpaste Have to Do with the North American Union, or Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)?

June 28th, 2007 by Halli

The flap over diethylene glycol (anti-freeze) in Chinese-made toothpaste only illustrates greater problems to come.

China insists that small amounts of the toxic substance in toothpaste poses no threat to humans, and therefore should cause no concern whatsoever in the US of other countries. Anti-freeze, a thick liquid, has been substituted in Chinese-made toothpaste for glycerin, a related but non-toxic ingredient used in the US manufacture of toothpaste and other products.

China has been singularly uninterested in the poisoning deaths of hundreds (possibly thousands) of American pets, due to tainted Chinese ingredients in pet food products. Now there is apparently no concern over possible human poisoning caused by another Chinese product. See a pattern here?

The Chinese government views dogs as a scourge to be eliminated, and frequently rounds up the canines (including pets) in their own country for slaughter. And the communist regime places little value on the lives of its own subjects, as demonstrated repeatedly by terrible human rights violations, including forced abortions and questionable organ transplant programs. Why should they care about the lives of Americans or their pets?

But this is old news. The issue all Americans should be concerned with is the possibility of similar incidents involving Mexican products (or even Canadian, for that matter) that will only be increasing with the progress of the North American Union, or Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the increase in trade it promises.

Mexico’s unsafe food supply is legendary for causing “traveler’s diarrhea” for tourists. Let’s ship more of it north of the border.

Mexican drugs are infamous for their lack of testing and quality control, with the US drug industry insisting they are unsafe. Let’s open up our markets to them.

With little or no government oversight, Mexican manufacturing (except for those facilities that are owned and operated by US firms) is certainly below US standards. Let’s increase the importation of products like toothpaste and other health and cosmetic items.

And beyond food and toothpaste, let’s examine more closely Mexico’s completely corrupt and inept government, from city and state, to federal. Let’s throw open our borders completely, embrace open corruption in public service, and integrate our constitutional government, with at least a few checks and balances still in place, with Mexico’s farcical system.

Toxic Chinese products should have opened our eyes to the magnitude of the hazards of trading with countries who simply don’t care about human life and health. Let these experiences warn us away from future foolish alliances and integration with other countries which can only lead to additional risk of death, illness, loss of constitutional rights and our very way of life.

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