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Post-Independence Day Confessions

July 5th, 2007 by Halli

OK, I went to the wonderful Idaho Falls 4th of July parade yesterday, and – yes – to the mortification of my family, I heckled some politicians from the curb. But first, a tiny bit of background.

On June 28, the Idaho Falls city council voted a pay raise for Mayor Jared Fuhriman, from $66,000 to $75,000 per year. The “good ol’ girls” on the council, Ida Hardcastle and Karen (“Booze in the Zoo”) Cornwell, conspired to bring the raise to pass. The Idaho Falls newspaper quotes from the meeting:

“Our current mayor has a family and is much younger than you and I, Ida,” Cornwell said jokingly to Hardcastle.

In Fuhriman’s defense, the paper noted:

“Fuhriman, a 46-year-old father of seven, kept his head down during the discussion.”

Oh, all right, now I feel better about the 14% pay raise. But wait – Fuhriman also kept his head down while the issue of allowing liquor in the Idaho Falls zoo was discussed. In fact, at a city council meeting when I asked him about the position of the Bonneville Youth Development Council (of which he is a prominent member) on liquor, he mumbled his answer and – kept his head down. And he kept his head down while the vote was taken and “booze in the zoo” was approved by the council without his vote.

Maybe when the Mayor puts his head down, it’s a signal that the families and taxpayers of Idaho Falls are about to be misled and defrauded. After all, the Mayor is a father of seven – we thought he would stand up for family values (in addition to his own, that is).

So, yesterday Mayor Jared Fuhriman proudly drove a shiny loaner car at the head of the 4th of July parade. (My husband warned, “Be careful!”) After exactly .29 seconds of consideration I yelled, in the general direction of the mayor, “GIVE BACK THE PAY RAISE!” To which the Mayor responded – by keeping his head down.

Now think back to the illegal alien amnesty argument in the US Senate. Idaho’s senior senator, Larry Craig, has long been in favor of “guest worker” programs, or amnesty. He recently cast votes designed to advance the terrible bill. A number of interested observers, including yours truly, have concluded that he is not planning to run for re-election, as this view of illegal aliens is not too popular in Idaho. In fact, most Idahoans view Craig as a traitor of sorts.

It should be noted that Idaho’s junior senator, Mike Crapo (usually hesitant to take any kind of a stand, except to call for a compromise), took the opposite view. He is, of course, planning to run for his senate seat again.

I wasn’t expecting any of or congressional representation to make an appearance in the parade, so imagine my surprise when Larry Craig rode by sitting in the “Jr. Miss” position in the back of a convertible (sans pearls and strapless gown, thankfully). I couldn’t help myself. I screamed, “SEND THE ILLEGALS HOME! SEND THE ILLEGALS HOME!” Once again, the family cringed. And Larry had the good grace to ignore me while registering the sentiment.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the parade, including the opportunities to deliver my political messages in person. However, for the remainder of the parade, I confined my utterances to “Go Hillcrest” (my children’s high school) and “PLAY! PLAY!” to the bagpipe corps. Still, I feel better now that I have confessed my not-so-festive comments to politicians.

Yes, Independence Day is a wonderful time to celebrate our freedoms (those that remain) and commemorate the founding of the greatest nation ever to grace the face of the earth. And it’s a great time to exercise our First Amendment rights, which are, at present, still respected in Idaho.

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  1. Alan Says:

    You go, girl!

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