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Incredible Discovery Shows Our Solar System is NOT from the Milky Way

July 27th, 2007 by Halli

“Hi! I’m Fred from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy!”

Think Fred is crazy?

Actually, our entire solar system, including planet Earth, is from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy – we just never knew it. (Hat tip to David Hay.)

A big thanks goes to ViewZone for focusing attention on a study published in Astrophysical Journal which shows the overlapping orbits of two galaxies.

We once thought Earth and her Sun belonged to the Milky Way. Now we know we have been “stolen” from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy by the greater forces of the much larger Milky Way.

And it appears that we are approaching a critical moment in that process, when the Sagittarius Galaxy will finally be ripped apart. As might be expected, this phenomena is causing many observable changes in our solar system, including temperature increases on every planet (not just Earth) and growing atmospheres on Mars and our Moon. (So much for “man-made” global warming.)

The phase we are entering may actually be the reason for the discontinuation of the Mayan Calendar, long held to be the most accurate on Earth. Apparently it could not advance past the point where the Pleiades Star Cluster ceases to be a constant, which will take place during this apocalyptic transformation.

Be sure to check out the ViewZone article and click on the animation links to get a better idea of how two galaxies interact.

And get used to your new place in the universe!

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Posted in Education, General, Politics in General | 11 Comments »

11 Responses

  1. Bubblehead Says:

    Fascinating — except for the part you didn’t mention about how it’s not true. ( )

    Energy from outside the solar system causing our sun to “burn brighter”? Please. While I understand that you don’t have much of a grounding in science, it seems like even a basic understanding of how fusion works could tell you that an article that says something like that is completely ridiculous.

  2. david Says:

  3. Halli Says:

    Too bad your referenced site doesn’t mention this theory, Bubblehead. Surely you can do better, if you’re truly going to debunk it. Still (open-mindedly) waiting for something conclusive from you.

  4. Frith Says:

    Here you go Halli:

    And this:

    Did you know the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary?

  5. Phil Plait Says:

    Well, I trashed this “theory” pretty thoroughly on my own site. The most basic premise that the Sun came from the Sag Dwarf is wrong. Link:

  6. Bubblehead Says:

    Huh? My linked article is specifically about the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy claim. It even links back to the ViewZone article your post references. Maybe your computer has a virus or something that sends you to a page other than what you’re trying to get to.

  7. Binkyboy Says:

    Or, more likely, Halli is a typical Republican that can’t actually SEE things that don’t support their version of reality.

    Which is it, Halli? A wild virus that won’t let you read the article that Bubb’s posted or just willful ignorance against anything that doesn’t support your fantasies?

    Should I even wait for the answer?

  8. Halli Says:

    Binkyboy, you must have lost your pacifier. From your posts, I deduce that you are an extremely bitter, unhappy person, and deserve our pity.

    Hopefully you were able to access my later post which included links to opposing views.

  9. Binkyboy Says:

    Explain your comment, then Halli. You read the site that Bubblehead sent, didn’t you? If you did, then how did you miss everything that argued against your point?

    “Too bad your referenced site doesn’t mention this theory”

    How do you answer to that? By just ignoring how wrong you were?

    Am I bitter? Hell yes! Am I unhappy? No. They aren’t synonymous. Do I want your pity? Why? What good would it do? I think you’re a shallow insignificant moron that likes to step into science to feel like you actually aren’t as simple and shallow as the rest of your conservative brethren. Prove me wrong.

  10. david Says:

    What I think is interesting is how the milky-way is adding mass by cannibalizing other galaxies. Also to really understand where we came from and where we are going we need faith and a hope in a Creator and the plan of happiness. I am open to this idea of the effects that one galaxy would have on another. There are other faith-teaching principles that could be pulled from the articles above.

  11. MATTHEW PERKINS ERWIN [Discoverer] Says:

    “No matter how “settled” the Science seems to be, new facts and evidence can still be discovered.
    – Newtonian physics was modified by Relativity and then by Quantum Physics.
    – Even what we thought were basic astronomical facts can turn out to be wrong based on new evidence.”

    “…remember that Science is never “settled.” That’s the very definition of Science.” — M. Paladin

    SPECIAL NOTE: There was an article on a site called Viewzone that lifted quite a bit of this content and then mixed/ matched
    quotes here with those of scientists in a “sensationalism release” without the proper substantiation. This has resulted in an undue prejudicial treatment of the topics by some, who seem only too eager to dismiss the potentially timely breakthroughs offered here without proper and due consideration for the advancement of science — hence the familiar term “kill the messenger”. Such has always been the fate throughout history of some of our greatest discoveries… effectively withheld from the rest of humanity until much later. While the journalistic practices of that site may have earned somewhat of the name calling it has generated, the presentation of the theorem-discoveries and new breakthrough data found here are clearly not guilty of same and have clearly not yet been properly given due consideration in standard peer review process. Given the fact that even the mainstream discoveries such as discovering that we have been wrong since Copernicus about which way we were even going in space until just months ago, makes it unfair to scientists to ask them to make snap statements on any of these topics until they have updated and equiped themselves on all the new data. Therefore, any premature pronouncements implicating this work in with any Viewzone article inacuracies are simply an unwitting exercise in guilt by association and throwing the baby out with the bathwater in a blinded by circumstance resistance to progress. Because some across the globe may have a timely, important use for the information, we choose not to withhold the information from humanity, but press on because of the scientific importance and obvious potential weight of the implications presented globally.
    Such information has proven both so extraordinary and so completely new that coupled with three breakthrough independent theories potentially now turned full discoveries, an entirely new set of conclusions may possibly be in order. Notwithstanding, no completely definitive official mainstream science announcement is projected to be forthcoming from the mainstream science community yet as a whole for some time involving the foregoing discoveries listed above. As a matter of course, individual scientists do not make definitive contrary statements without also publishing for peer review so that the highest degree of accuracy is maintained. This very release is available to you to read in advance today because a researcher/ discoverer found outside of the standard peer review publishing avenue for a given discipline automatically defers directly to the internet as the stage to launch the actual peer review process. As such it is still subject to much controversy until such time as the multiple teams of scientists across the globe have had opportunity to properly weigh the data and full implications of what it all in fact means. No pronouncements either for, or against this body of work by any one individual at any positioning are therefore considered as definitive until such time.
    of the Century

    [ A fascinating study of how the Internet is now changing how we find out about major discoveries ]

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