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Controversy “Bubbles Up” Around Alien Galaxy Theory

July 30th, 2007 by Halli

Some of my biggest fans and most avid readers have pointed out that the jury may not yet be in on the theory that our solar system originated in the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy.

Nevertheless, the fact that the Milky Way has been and continues to pull apart the Sagittarius Galaxy is rather novel, and not widely appreciated.

Do your own research and draw your own conclusions at, News In Science and here, the Cure Zone, and Bad Astronomy.

The jury is still out, but one thing is clear – we don’t know everything there is to know about our universe.

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One Response

  1. Matthew Perkins Erwin Says:

    I happened upon an astounding set of new discoveries a year ago…

    Just recently the supporting discoveries came out of the mainstream to substantiate the earlier ones that hit me over the head a year ago.

    Astoundingly –

    We apparently did not even know which way we were going in space since Copernicus — and did not discover this until just a couple of weeks ago…

    This has made it very problematic to be asking any scientist to comment on any of these new discoveries since they are still out of the loop on the latest breakthroughs.

    A site called Viewzone quickly lifted [stole] (as soon as I Blogged them) and sensationalized the discoveries with false substantiations — attributing my discoveries to scientists — giving them a false rubber stamp even before the standard peer review stage had been allowed:

    Hoax story @ Viewzone::

    (my) True Theorem-Discovery Blog @ Curezone:

    This Viewzone got legs on Rense Headlines and as it quickly spread on the internet created such a backlash that even my discoveries are being blackballed in kneejerk fashion and falsely commented on by a few scientists who are yet– still somewhat in the dark about even which way we’re going in space and how even this changes everything…

    We are into some Fascinating Discoveries now and live in some Very Interesting times.

    It would be a shame to miss out on any of it on account of having a preprogrammed jaded outlook eh?


    Love your willingness & good example) of how to give back to the community locally and at large –

    – if we choose to either deliberately, or by default– withhold those things life shares with us, we are cowardly adding to the problems of our earth are we not?


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