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Idaho Falls Newspaper Can’t Have It Both Ways

August 14th, 2007 by Halli

In a previous post, I pointed out that the Idaho Falls newspaper appears to be losing it’s grip. It failed for several days to report important local news about convicted former county and city prosecutor, Kimball Mason. And it placed the story about the Minneapolis bridge collapse on page 5 the morning after it occurred.

In response to complaints about their coverage, the newspaper’s acting executive editor, Monte LaOrange, states that:

While the Post Register strives to have a complete, daily balance of nation, world, regional and local news, we will almost always run local stories and stories of local interest in the most prominent positions.

Yes, remember that the above-the-fold story on August 2nd, the day after the bridge collapse, concerned an Idaho Falls High School graduate working to overcome bacterial antibiotic resistance. This is a story that, while well-written, had probably been completed and in the hopper for several days, if not weeks. Not really “new” news.

Yet today we find on the front page articles entitled “NASA conducts tests to assess shuttle gouge” and “Rove was good, bad and did it smugly”, both fresh national stories. (Granted, neither was “above the fold”.)

Come on, newspaper. You can’t have it both ways.

Why don’t you just admit that you hate to mess up the front page when you have it “put to bed” after deadline?

And admit that when there isn’t much local news, you grab some national headlines and stuff them on the front page. The make-up of your front page is driven to a large extent by what is already written, and what fits the available space.

Perhaps there’s a little laziness revealed here.

And your readers will admit that you are becoming much less relevant – and much more like the weekly “feature” newspaper that has very little to do with daily life in southeastern Idaho.

Local television stations are doing a much better job of keeping up on local news, though they are unable to deliver the depth that a newspaper can.

It’s tough for a newspaper to be shoved aside by more immediate news sources. At least you have company, as newspapers across the nation shrink in advertising revenue and readership.

But, then again, you could always offer another “75% off” sale on subscriptions to some of your readers, while the rest pay full price.

That’s sure to keep ‘em happy.

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9 Responses

  1. Binkyboy Says:

    Perhaps there is a certain laziness to grabbing a liar’s column like Bryan Fischer’s and plastering it on your blog?

  2. Halli Says:

    Gee, Binkyboy, I think I’d get in some counseling if I were you. Such anger cannot be healthy for you or your family.

    Perhaps you missed the fact that I write a blog – not a newspaper. I never promised original articles at specific intervals.

    I do occasionally post articles with which I agree, or which I think will be interesting to my readers. Sorry it causes you such angst. But this practice does get your attention, doesn’t it.

    And perhaps you had better take your charges of “liar” directly to the accused – Bryan Fischer – and allow him to respond. Or are you afraid he might prove you wrong? Go for it. Oh – and do please share his response.

  3. Binkyboy Says:

    Bryan never responds. He removed his comments because he was getting caught lying so often.

    He can try to debate his lies, but he’s been proven wrong all the time and I’ve never once seen an apology.

    But I’ve seen plenty of excuses like yours. Bitch.

  4. Binkyboy Says:

    Why do you think my first post was angry, Halli? Because it’s critical of you and your laziness? That isn’t anger, by the way. If you want anger, just keep being dumb when you try to reply.

  5. Halli Says:

    I’m not sure, but I think I’m supposed to be scared.

    And once again, thank you, Binkyboy, for demonstrating the typical vocabulary deficiency of the angry left. You make my point better than I ever could.

  6. Binkyboy Says:

    Scared? Or just stupid?

    I pointed out the hypocrisy of you calling the Idaho Falls Post Register lazy while barely writing any of your own misguided opinions, instead opting to just blindly post a liars column by Bryan Fischer.

    I don’t want you to be scared, I want you to realize that you’re a hypocrite, a twit and an ignorant far right-wing partisan hack without an ounce of shame.

  7. Halli Says:

    And yet again, I owe you my thanks for repeatedly revealing your true self.

  8. Binkyboy Says:

    Big hearts of love to Congressman Larry Craig!

    Isn’t he one of your darlings?

    Congratulations, its another self-loathing hypocrit, like yourself, Halli.

  9. » Blog Archive » Unearthing Local News in Southeastern Idaho Says:

    [...] once again to the Idaho Falls newspaper. (Read an additional post here.) As I have already observed, the paper does not excel at local news, as most front-page stories [...]

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