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Guest Post: Bishop Driscoll Must Intervene to Protect the Faith

September 26th, 2007 by Halli

From David Ripley, Idaho Chooses Life

We issue a public call for Idaho’s Catholic Bishop, Mike Driscoll, to intervene quickly and forcefully in the brewing scandal involving Sister Helen Prejean. As we reported earlier, she is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an event to raise money for the Idaho ACLU. (You can see the disappointing details for yourself: ).

This nefarious organization has played a pivotal role in undermining Christian morality and the sanctity of both family and human life.

They proudly proclaim their tenacious opposition to laws like Parental Consent, which has caused untold damage to girls and families – which is to say nothing about the preborn children snuffed out by their accomplices at Planned Parenthood. They have opposed every bill in the Legislature designed to protect preborn children.

But a quick view of their website demonstrates beyond debate that they are also involved in a deeper and more pernicious campaign to undermine morality – particularly targeting vulnerable teenagers and preteens. (Please see )

And there is probably no other organization in America with an agenda more hostile to basic Christian tenets than the American Civil Liberties Union.

Sister Helen Prejean, made a celebrity by her work to end the death penalty, is not just helping the ACLU build its war chest – she is also a keynote speaker at the upcoming Fall Conference, designed to educate and build the faith of rank-and-file Catholics across the state. It is obvious that she cannot fulfill both obligations without causing scandal and demoralizing countless Christians across Idaho.

We ask Bishop Driscoll to intervene. We respectfully urge him to ask Sister Helen to withdraw from Friday night’s fundraising gig. If she is unwilling to do so – then we believe it appropriate for Bishop Driscoll to remove her from the Fall Conference. How can she credibly articulate authentic Christian principles at the Fall Conference after materially aiding an organization dedicating to effacing any element of our Christian heritage from the public record?

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3 Responses

  1. Sisyphus Says:

    So, let get this straight David. You want the Bishop to stifle a woman of faith because you disagree with her message of tolerance. Well ain’t that a fine how do you do. Are you so afraid of her message that you seek to deprive someone of their first amendment rights? Were the founding fathers wrong to bestow them on us? Why do you hate America?

  2. Binkyboy Says:

    No Sisyphus, David wants the Freedom Of Speech for the Bishop, thats all. Really! Stop laughing, Sisyphus.

    Actually, David would rather that the ACLU, an organization proven to be anti-Christian (even though they defend the rights of Christians on a regular basis) to go away and leave the US to such organizations as the Heritage Foundation and AEI, organizations that will help promote message of tolerance, such as “brain dead people whose spouses would rather they pass on respectfully rather than live as an empty shell” and “black people are too stupid to vote”.

    Why can’t you get it that Bishop Driscoll is the last line of defense against libislamohomos and that by stifling any message that doesn’t agree with the neo-Con message of intolerance is anything but tolerable?

  3. Ooga Booga Says:

    Oh please … could this article be any more melodramatic ?

    “Brewing scandal !” … “Nefarious organization !” … spare me.

    David’s (and Trish and Halli’s and Bryan Fischer’s) only problem with Sister Prejean is that she disagrees with the Oh-so-holy extremist right’s desire to execute as many as they can, as frequently as they can, and as quickly as they can.

    Trish and Halli and Bryan and David sure do hate all that pesky satanic “DNA evidence” that has exonerated God knows how many “murders” now. Oh that terrible ACLU … having the nerve to get wrongly convicted citizens off of death row !

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