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Action Alert: Email Speaker of the Idaho House on Work of Family Task Force

November 26th, 2007 by Halli

From Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance

Rep. Steve Thayne, under the authorization of the Speaker of the House, Lawerence Denney, chaired the Legislative Family Task Force, which met over the course of the summer and early fall, heard testimony from scores of people, and developed a list of 14 recommendations, all of which are designed to strengthen the Idaho family.

The recommendations include ways to increase character education in our public school system, increase meaningful parental involvement in the education process, and strengthen existing marriages while slowing the rate of divorce. The Task Force recommended that a “Family Impact” statement be attached to every piece of legislation to describe its anticipated affect on Idaho families.

As you might expect, the work of this Task Force has come under withering assault from secular fundamentalists who despise the Judeo-Christian concept that the nuclear family is and ought to be the cornerstone of a healthy society.

The Idaho Statesman has launched a reprehensible attack on Rep. Thayne and his family, highlighting the domestic challenges of one his adult sons (which challenges even the Statesman admits have been overcome) and blaming Rep. Thayne for the actions of this adult son.

(You may read the most flagrant editorial attack on Rep. Thayne here. Note in particular the utter lack of sympathy for Rep. Thayne and his family from someone who fancies himself the very embodiment of liberal compassion.)

Thus the Statesman’s editors hypocritically and shamelessly transgress what they claim is their own standard for the conduct of public officials – that what happens in their personal lives and the lives of their families is nobody’s business and irrelevant to the debate over public policy.

Other pro-family lawmakers can falter in their support of the work of their colleagues in the face of such mean-spirited and malicious attacks, think that somehow the Statesman’s editors are speaking for the majority of Idahoans, and grant them a de facto heckler’s veto over any family-friendly legislation they don’t happen to like. But of course nobody elected the editors of the Idaho Statesman to establish public policy for the Gem State.

It’s important that the leadership of the Idaho House of Representatives, particularly the Speaker of the House, Rep. Lawerence Denney, hear from you today regarding the Task Force and the importance of its work.


Speaker Denney needs to hear from all of you – everyone of you – that strengthening the Idaho family is of paramount importance to you. He needs to hear from you that you appreciate the hard work of the Task Force in developing recommendations that can start a necessary and productive discussion about how we can make Idaho families stronger and provide increasingly stable home environments for Idaho’s children.

Please send an email to Rep. Lawerence Denney.

Here is a sample of the text you may use, which you are, of course, free to adapt. Please include your name and hometown at the end of the email.

Dear Rep. Denney,

I’m writing to thank you for authorizing the work of the Legislative Family Task Force.

I am deeply concerned about the health of the Idaho family, and I appreciate the very hard work Rep. Steve Thayne and the other members of his task force have done to develop recommendations designed to strengthen marriages and families in Idaho.

I believe the recommendations of the task force are a great place to begin the discussion about changes we can make in Idaho’s public policies to improve the health of Idaho families.

Thank you again for commissioning this task force, and we look forward to the work of the Idaho legislature in implementing the best of its recommendations.




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One Response

  1. Frith Says:

    Your friend, Tom Luna, got rid of the director of the State Department of Education’s division of Character Education. Notice the dead links and lack of director at:

    This was an active and thriving part of the Department of Education until “Weights and Measures” Tom.

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