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Guest Post: Insurance Industry Stares into the Maw of Abortion/Breast Cancer

November 16th, 2007 by Halli

From David Ripley, Idaho Chooses Life

The Actuary, an insurance industry publication out of England, carried an article in its last issue warning insurance companies about the impending explosion of breast cancer claims. What makes the article even more extraordinary is the fact that the article flat-out declares that the epidemic is the result of legalized abortion. The magazine’s analysis is based upon work published last month by researcher Patrick Carroll.

LifeNews.Com is reporting that Mr. Carroll forecasts a 51% increase in breast cancer rates for England and Wales by 2029.

The industry article warns companies that the link between abortion and breast cancer will likely result in higher and more numerous claims over the next two decades.

The article did not, apparently, explore the potential explosion in malpractice claims against doctors, hospitals and others in the medical field – but that is a whole subject in itself, given their propensity to mislead women about the risks associated with abortion.

This is a highly significant development. Babies destroyed by abortion cannot, of course, make claims. But women, physically and emotionally damaged by the Abortion Industry’s false claims, certainly can. And will.

Eventually, the sheer economic consequences of unfettered abortion will help to bring down this evil empire.

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Guest Post: The Rest of the Alaska Story

November 13th, 2007 by Halli

From David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life

It was disheartening to hear that the Alaska Supreme Court struck down that state’s Parental Consent Law last week. A majority of the court has discovered a privacy right in the state’s constitution which not only applies to children – it includes an abortion “right” which is superior to the one uncovered by jurists in the federal constitution.

This continues a pattern in which the Abortion Lobby – the ACLU and their clients at Planned Parenthood – have assiduously sought to build a legal breaker in the states, should the U.S. Supreme Court ever reverse its specious ruling in Roe v. Wade. The consequences for Alaska families will be enormous over time. Just look at the devastation wrecked by a similar injustice in neighboring Montana – where the state courts there have struck down virtually every pro-Life law ever enacted.

The events in Alaska are as instructive as they are tragic.

Parental Consent has been the law in that fairly conservative state for some ten years. Who knows how many lives have been spared? How many families protected? How many girls spared the burden of a dark abortion history?

It has been allowed to stand by federal courts – which is no small comment. Like Idaho, Alaska’s fate is bound by the infamy often perpetrated by the 9th Circuit of Appeals.

So what is the lesson for Idaho? It is a warning that if we lose our ability to vote in meaningful contests for state judges – we will one day awaken to a state remade in the image of liberal activists.

Alaska’s constitution provides for the appointment of state judges by the governor to ten year terms. Citizens are given the chance to “retain” or expel supreme court justices at the end of their terms. We’ve not done an exhaustive research effort on the number of justices kicked loose by voters under this system – but we’d bet it is virtually zero.

This is essentially the model many elites in Idaho which to force down our throats. Those elites include two former justices of the Idaho Supreme Court, who just resigned their posts early for the explicit purpose of fixing Idaho elections. Their replacements, appointed by Governor Otter, will be able to run as pseudo-incumbents. It would be more than surprising if either are even challenged by lawyers fearful of retribution.

The Idaho Legislature must rise up in the next session to protect Idaho’s Constitution from the unseemly attempts by Linda Copple Trout and others to destroy our system of government. Otherwise, we will soon find our freedoms hopelessly eroded.

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Guest Post: French President and American Exceptionalism

November 13th, 2007 by Halli

By Richard Larsen

For years we’ve heard cries of lament from some segments of our society that the U.S. has lost its leadership in the world, that the world hates us, and that we must “reach out” to the rest of the world to regain that once treasured global respect. Those engaged in this lament must have fallen off their chairs when French President Nicolas Sarkozy addressed a joint session of Congress earlier this week.

Apparently much of that perception of negativity was created by Jacque Chirac and Gerhard Shroeder, for ever since they were replaced by Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, relationships with our European allies have appeared stronger than ever. Interestingly, Sarkozy defeated a widely heralded leftist woman, which fact has apparently been lost on much of the American press covering the European elections. In democracies, or republics as the United States is, leaders are voted for not because of their gender or their race, but because of their ideas and leadership. That leadership was very much on display by President Sarkozy earlier this week.

In his comments to Congress he said, “To the millions of men and women who came from every country of the world and who — with their own hands, their intelligence, and their hearts — built the greatest nation in the world, America did not say, ‘Come, and everything will be given to you.’ Rather, she said, ‘Come, and the only limits to what you will be able to achieve will be those of your own courage, your boldness, and your talent.’”

It appears that this new French President understands American exceptionalism in a way that many Americans don’t. We are not a socialist state where “everyone is equal,” only some are “more equal” than others. This is a country of unlimited opportunity and equality of opportunity. We are limited only by our own personal limitations of reduced vision, poor work ethic, or lack of industry. For the opportunity is equal for all of us. He was elected on a platform of reducing the pejorative effect of socialism on French society and their economy, and a vow to reduce the internal threats associated with unrestricted immigration.

Sarkozy continued, “The America that we love throughout the world impedes this extraordinary ability to grant each and every person a second chance, another chance, because, in America, failure is never the last word. There is always another chance. Here — in your country, on this soil — both the humblest and the most illustrious citizens alike know that nothing is owed to them and that everything has to be earned. That is what constitutes the moral value of America.”

These comments were made on the heels of a visit by George W. and the French President at Mt. Vernon. It wasn’t the first George W. and Rochambeau, but 21st Century French and American counterparts. Yet the language unmistakably reflects what must have constituted much of the discussion from that first French-American summit at Mt. Vernon.

Sarkozy continued, “America liberated us, and this is an eternal debt we owe America. Every time, whenever an American soldier falls somewhere in the world, I think of what the American army did for France. I think of them — and I am sad as one is saddened to lose a member of one’s family.”

What a thrill to hear a French President not only express his respect of America and her greatness, but to show gratitude for what we did to save their country twice in the last century, and express such a debt of gratitude and respect for our men and women in uniform who thwarted the fascist movement that would have them speaking German today.

With very little exception, U.S. involvement throughout the world especially over the past 100 years, has not been for imperialism. It has been for advancing the cause of freedom and liberty for those unable to defend themselves or unable to throw off the yoke of bondage imposed by their totalitarian rulers. It has been noted that after a war, the U.S. only asks for enough soil to bury our dead on. We ask no more. That was certainly the case with Europe after World Wars I and II, to which the French President refers.

Sarkozy’s closing remarks produced a standing ovation. He said, “We need France to be stronger. I am determined to carry through with the reforms that my country has put off for all too long. I will not turn back. I will implement all of them, because France has turned back for all too long. I have come to present to you today a France that comes out to meet America, to renew the covenant of friendship and alliance that Washington and Lafayette sealed in Yorktown. Together, let us be true to their memories. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I say this to you on behalf of the French people: Long live the United States of America. Long live France. Long live French-American friendship!”

Not an anomaly among global leaders, Sarkozy verbalizes the respect and admiration for the U.S. held by lovers of freedom, liberty, and principle. Those who “hate” us are terrorists who seek our destruction or are envious of our global preeminence in spite of our relative national youthfulness, or those who feel guilty for the privileges we enjoy. But for those who appreciate the principles upon which this country was founded, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness America stands as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

Sarkozy’s speech serves as a reminder of the greatness of America, and her goodness. His presentation to Congress was probably the best lecture on American exceptionalism delivered in many years and solidifies in my mind the realization that we are not hated by the rest of the world, we are loathed by the left wherever in the world they may be from.

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Guest Post: Next Week is National Bible Week

November 13th, 2007 by Halli

From Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance

Next week is National Bible Week, an event celebrated the week of Thanksgiving every year since 1941, to honor the influence of the bestselling piece of literature in human history.

Several years ago, a survey was done among college academics in English literature, seeking to identify those works a high school graduate should be familiar with to be considered an educated American.

Four documents/collections emerged as clear consensus choices. They were the works of Shakespeare, the founding documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, etc.), Huckleberry Finn, and – the Bible. Literature professors continually lament the utter ignorance of their incoming students with regard to the Bible and its themes.

It’s impossible, for instance, to make sense of many of the figures of speech and turns of phrase found in Shakespeare without a working knowledge of the literature of the Old and New Testaments. One scholar, for instance, has identified over 1,300 allusions in Shakespeare’s plays to the Scriptures.

We impoverish Idaho’s students if we do not introduce them to the richness and the power of the Biblex, and show them its influence on history, art, literature and politics. For this, reason the IVA supports returning the study of the Bible to Idaho classrooms to remedy this educational neglect.

Every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has issued a National Bible Week Message, and this year President Bush and his wife are serving as honorary co-chairs of the event.

Harry Truman issued six National Bible Week proclamations during his time in office, and Ronald Reagan issued one every single year of his presidency.

Idaho Congressman Bill Sali delivered a speech on the House floor in honor of National Bible Week.

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Guest Post: Idaho Family Task Force Releases Draft of Recommendations

November 10th, 2007 by Halli

From Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance

Over the last several months Rep. Steve Thayn chaired a Legislative Family Task Force, whose purpose was to review the health of the Idaho family and to suggest ways in which it could be strengthened.

I was invited, on behalf of all of us in the IVA, to give testimony before this committee, which you can read at the link below.

Rep. Thayn correctly sees that the breakdown of the nuclear family structure in Idaho contributes to a host of social ills, including criminal behavior, drug use and domestic violence.

Two recommendations of the Task Force are of particular interest to the pro-family community in Idaho. The first is Recommendation 4, which is to draft both a “mutual consent” divorce law as well as a “covenant marriage” law. “Mutual consent” divorce would replace Idaho’s current “no-fault” divorce law, which allows one disaffected party to dissolve a marriage and a family, leave the innocent party with no defense and no leverage in divorce proceedings.

Feminist groups in New York have lobbied vigorously against every attempt to enact “no-fault” divorce in the Empire State, knowing that no-fault divorces often leave women vulnerable to precipitous drops in their standard of living.

Recommendation 9 would require every legislative proposal to include a “Family Impact Statement,” which would highlight the impact of legislation on Idaho families and ensure that they are not overlooked in the lawmaking process.

As Thayn observes, most mothers want to spend more time at home, and the proper question for legislators to ask is, “What can we do to help them stay at home?”

Sen. Garry Schroeder naturally sniffed that pro-family lawmakers “are a group of people who are living in the past,” and expressed his determination to try again to force taxpayers to cough up additional monies to fund pre-K programs, which of course will simply pull more Moms out of the home and into the workforce to shoulder the increased tax burden that will fall on Idaho families.

Rep. Branden Durst essentially acknowledged, without realizing what he was doing, that an onerous tax burden is one of the things making it harder for families to be supported by one provider. “The reality,” he said,” is our economy can’t support having single-wage earners in every household.” Raising taxes to pay for pre-K programs, of course, only makes that problem worse.

Rep. Thayn is to be commended for his hard work to strengthen the Idaho family, and the IVA looks forward to working with him and other like-minded legislators to implement solid reform proposals in the next session of the Idaho legislature.

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Press Release: Congressional Report Reveals a Five-fold Increase in Number of Idahoans Paying Alternative Minimum Tax

November 10th, 2007 by Halli

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A report requested by U.S. Rep. Bill Sali (R-ID) from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) finds that for 2007 nearly 63,000 Idahoans will be subject to higher taxes under the Alternative Minimum Tax if Congress fails to act. That’s an increase of more than 443 percent.

At Sali’s request, CRS determined that 11,601 Idahoans paid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) in 2006. However, CRS projected that the number of Idaho taxpayers subject to the AMT for the current year will skyrocket to 62,954. That will mean a tax increase for more than 51,000 Idahoans next April, according to CRS’ data. CRS estimated that if the AMT law remains the same that by 2010, the number of Idahoans paying the tax will rise to 83,306.

“Thousands of ordinary, hardworking Idahoans are in for a real shock at tax time next year. They’re about to find out that the federal government suddenly considers them wealthy and that they owe a bigger share of their income to the government,” said Sali. “These Idaho taxpayers should be saved from this significant increase in their taxes. Congress must give them real tax relief, and Congress should do so without finding other ways to use the tax code to punish them.”

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), added to the tax code in 1969, was supposed to prevent 155 wealthy taxpayers nationwide from exploiting loopholes in the tax code to escape paying taxes as all other Americans were. It was an “alternative” to using the tax tables all other Americans used and it was a “minimum” which imposed even higher taxes than those calculated using the tax tables. What may have made sense in 1969 has become a trap for American taxpayers today. Because the AMT was never indexed for inflation, every year, thousands more taxpayers make enough money to pay the punitive penalties of the AMT. If Congress fails to act, close to 30 million taxpayers nationwide will face an automatic tax increase by 2010.

Today, the House of Representatives voted 216-193 in favor of H.R. 3396, which House Democrats are touting as a way to fix the AMT and prevent it from affecting more middle income Americans. This proposal, however, is nothing more than “sleight of hand” as the measure Congress adopted today as a temporary “fix” of the AMT imposes $82.5 billion of permanent tax increases, including re-instating a marriage tax penalty.

Sali is a cosponsor of a bill titled “The Taxpayers Choice Act,” which proposes to permanently repeal the AMT and would also provide far-reaching tax reform to help American families by providing a simplified tax option.

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Breast Cancer: Sick of Pink Ribbons

November 8th, 2007 by Halli

Have you:

Worn a pink ribbon lately?
Guzzled bottled water with a pink label?
Purchased breakfast cereal with pink ribbons pictured on the front?
Thumbed through an Avon cosmetics brochure?
Contributed to a Susan G. Komen for the Cure fundraiser?
Attended a “Race for the Cure” or “Arts for the Cure” event?
Or just paid attention to what you are seeing and/or hearing lately?

It appears the entire world is obsessed with breast cancer. Judging by the hype, you would think breast cancer was the greatest health problem facing the modern world, or at least the most deadly cancer.

Not so. According to the CDC, breast cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer in women in the US. However, the American Cancer Society, reports that since the mid-1980’s more women have died from lung cancer each year than breast cancer.

Of course, lung cancer is also the deadliest cancer for American men. However, the incidence of the uniquely male prostate cancer outstrips the occurrence of female breast cancer by nearly 25%.

The US death rate for men with prostate cancer is nearly identical to the US death rate for women with breast cancer, at about 25 per thousand, according to the American Cancer Society.

Please do not forget that men suffer from breast cancer as well as women. Approximately 1% of all US breast cancers occur in men, according to the National Cancer Institute. Male deaths in the US from breast cancer are also about 1% of female breast cancer deaths. For 2007, estimated deaths from breast cancer are 40,460 females and 450 males.

While rare, one can argue that male breast cancer is more insidious because no one is telling them to do monthly self-exams, to get mammograms, or to participate in tearful walk-athons.

And we haven’t even discussed the very real link between breast cancer and abortion (another politically correct cause), the serious acceptance of which might actually help reduce the incidence of both. Political expediency dictates that this information be suppressed and/or denied vehemently. But that is the topic for another post.

(And why would “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” give big bucks to Planned Parenthood, the top US provider of abortions? Check out these links:,

Given these facts, why do we see so much political energy devoted to breast cancer awareness, detection and research?

There can be only one answer: women are one of the great protected classes, supposedly only now emerging from millennia of suppression. And because breast cancer is a predominantly (but not exclusively) female disease, spotlighting it brings much-desired attention to women. In other words, anything that heightens public perception of any and all real or imagined problems women suffer is good, proper and desirable, by definition.

How tragic that so many scarce research dollars and limited public attention are directed away from greater health problems simply for political correctness.

Can we please just deal with reality, instead of perception? Can we allot prevention, research and public awareness resources according to fact, instead of hype?


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Guest Post: New Jersey Rejects Human Embryo Stem Cell Research

November 8th, 2007 by Halli

From David Ripley, Idaho Chooses Life

Let’s admit it: Public Affairs is often strange and inexplicable. Take, for example, Pat Robertson’s bizarre endorsement of the pro-abort Rudy Giuliani. Who could have predicted such a calculated sell-out of fundamental principle? But that is a subject for later writings.

The week’s other odd development is much more welcome: New Jersey voters soundly rejected the Abortion Lobby’s proposal to borrow $450 million in order to fund stem cell research on human embryos. Despite liberal Governor Corzine’s personal financing and endorsement of the effort – 53% of voters opposed the scheme.

News reports from Bloomberg and others suggest that opposition had more to do with the oppressive state of New Jersey’s finances than any moral objection to killing preborn children to harvest some of the cells. Whatever the cause of the victory – we’ll take it, especially from a state more renowned for corrupt liberalism than sound judgment.

The truth is, there are both financial and moral reasons for opposing this grand hoax.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in public money; despite great media hype and hoopla – human embryonic stem cell has failed to produce viable results. Nor does it seem likely to ever produce more than subsidies to various institutions, pharmaceutical companies and questionable researchers. After all, if these projects were likely to produce viable cures, these huge international companies would be putting their own dollars on the line. Instead, they prefer to scam the public.

New Jersey’s wisdom in rejecting this scheme may help apply the “airbrakes of logic” to the national drive to compromise all of us in the killing of preborn children.

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Press Release: Republican Leader Appoints Sali to Hi-Tech Working Group

November 7th, 2007 by Halli

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republican Leader John Boehner has named Congressman Bill Sali to his High-Tech Working Group, which is charged with expanding economic opportunities in America based on the use of advanced technology.

“In the short time he’s been in office, Congressman Sali has demonstrated an uncanny ability to find commonsense solutions to complex problems,” Boehner said. “Bill is creative, knowledgeable and has a real knack working together with divergent interests in order to benefit his constituents and the nation.”

Boehner has charged the High-Tech Working Group with looking at long-term, creative ways to use technology to benefit the entire economy. The panel is expected to look at how technology is or will impact healthcare, agriculture, engineering, office management and other aspects of daily life.

“I’m honored that Leader Boehner would appoint me to this position,” Sali said. “He is taking a very visionary approach to critical issues facing our country. It is my hope that we can work collaboratively to come up with ideas that will benefit not only America’s high-tech industries, but also Idaho’s economy and the quality of life of its citizens.”

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Idaho Falls Newspaper Continues to Decline

November 6th, 2007 by Halli

It is fascinating to watch emerging signs that the Idaho Falls newspaper is floundering more than ever. Three such signs have surfaced in the past few days.

Subscribers to the paper have noticed an annoying addition to the front page. Brightly colored stickers advertising various businesses have been placed near the top edge of the front page, actually obscuring the name of the paper. Apparently business names are more important than the identity of the newspaper. (Or is it that the revenue thus generated supersedes the mortification of it all?)

Next, the newspaper billing process has gone from a postcard, to a full sheet enclosed in an envelope with a return envelope – to a postcard. Trimming expenses seems to be a top priority for these folks. The postcard gives the subscriber far fewer options, such as including a tip for the paper carrier, or contributing to the ill-conceived Newspaper in Education program (which traps gullible individuals into buying newspapers for classrooms, a ploy which at least ups newspaper circulation numbers).

And speaking of circulation numbers, apparently the powers that be at the Idaho Falls newspaper have somehow failed to report their numbers to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, or ABC, a well-known and trusted tracker of newspaper numbers. This is at least the second 6-month period in which the Idaho Falls newspaper has skipped this important task.

Remember that newspapers base advertising rates on their circulation numbers. What does this lapse actually tell advertisers?

Having just built new printing facilities (which event has been used to excuse everything from smaller papers to faulty color printing), one can only suppose the newspaper is feeling the financial pinch.

But it is not a surprise to observers that the paper seems to be experiencing shrinking revenues and shrinking subscriptions. Subscribers have been leaving in droves as a (sometimes) silent protest to blatant bias and poor reporting.

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