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Guest Post: Repressive “Gay Rights” Bill Introduced in Idaho Legislature

January 22nd, 2008 by Halli

From Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance

A Republican senator, Tim Corder from Mountain Home, has introduced a bill in the Idaho legislature which represents a clear and present danger to religious liberty, freedom of conscience, and freedom of association.

Sen. Corder’s bill would punish any businessman with more than five employees if he takes an individual’s sexual orientation into account in either hiring or firing decisions.

Although an exemption is granted to “religious organizations,” it’s unclear which organizations qualify. The bill easily could be used to pressure Christian day care centers, Christian pre-schools, Christian schools, Christian summer camps, and Christian bookstores into hiring open homosexuals or face the threat of government-imposed punishment.

And what about a Christian, Jewish or Muslim businessman, whose religious tradition teaches him that homosexual behavior is contrary to God’s design for humanity, and has deeply held religious and moral convictions on the subject? He’s just plain out of luck, and will be forced to violate his own conscience in order to insulate himself from potentially devastating lawsuits.

The bill creates a scenario in which a practicing homosexual can apply for a job at a Christian bookstore, divulge during the interview that he is an active homosexual, and then dare the owner not to hire him. This bill is a trial lawyer’s dream and a nightmare for everyone else.

This bill will obviously infringe on the right of an employer to select a workforce of his own choosing. The state of Idaho will now be making employment decisions for him.

And what about the Boy Scouts of America, who only want to hire employees who are good role models for impressionable young boys?

This is a transparent effort on the part of the homosexual lobby to use the force of government to compel private employers to endorse homosexual behavior.

Thus the gay lobby is working to cram its twisted view of sexual morality down the throats of Idahoans, whether it agrees with their personal moral standards or not. This is certainly odd behavior coming from those who on other occasions loudly complain that you can’t legislate morality, and nobody should have the right to force their moral views on anyone else.

This bill also comes from the self-proclaimed paragons of tolerance. But where is the tolerance in this bill for an employer who finds homosexual behavior unacceptable on moral and religious grounds?

This clearly is a bill that is tyrannical and repressive, a threat to religious liberty, freedom of conscience and freedom of association, and a bill which should be throttled by the legislature as soon as possible.

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