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Democrat Recruiting, Idaho Style

February 22nd, 2008 by Halli

In the last few weeks, the local media have delighted at covering news of Democrat caucuses around the state. Unusual enthusiasm and energy were reported, with an outpouring of support for candidate Barak Obama, who visited the state capitol of Boise to adulation from an overflow crowd.

A story broadcast by the local ABC affiliate, seen on Local News 8, revealed details about the tactics of the Democrat party, as well as public school teachers.

(As a side note, one is forced to ask if the illiteracy displayed in the written story is attributable to the author, reporterette Bridget Shanahan [most likely] or the teens and teacher who are quoted. But that is neither here nor there, I suppose.)

Bingham County has selected five teens, a high school teacher, and a couple of others, to attend the June Democrat caucus in Boise. The teens were thrilled. According to the broadcast story, several students didn’t even know they were Democrats! Apparently the high school government teacher helped them sort out their identity:

“We will change the world one high school student at a time…”, said Mrs. Kartchner, in a stunning admission of her political influence over an impressionable student in her class.

Rarely has such a revelation of Democrat methods been seen. A teenage girl “didn’t even know she was a Democrat”, and a public school teacher (who apparently knew her own party affiliation) stepped up to help her student clarify her political identity.

To further illustrate the depth of understanding of these young and newly awakened political activists, consider this statement:

“It’s not necessarily a vote that counts it’s the person that counts. I think and people actually standing up and saying what they believe and fighting for what they believe,” Sally Ames said [punctuation preserved from original story].

Try telling that to Hillary Clinton, as she struggles to stay in the primary race with Barack Obama.

One can conclude from this statement that 1) every person she passes in the halls on the way to government class – even that poor girl wearing K-Mart shoes – is special, and 2) armed conflict over a difference of opinion is justified. (I wonder if that was the message Mrs. Kartchner intended.)

I suppose this story (and its over-the-top reporting) should come as no surprise, given the enthusiastic but completely vacant message of “hope” and “change” being delivered by the party’s front runner, Obama.

Democrats reading this story are sure to feel they “count”, whether or not they have a vote in the completely closed Idaho Democrat primary process. And they will feel ready to “fight for what they believe”, no doubt.

Republicans and conservatives, on the other hand, will have a strange sinking feeling, similar to that felt by a ship’s captain as he watches an unthinking and senseless rogue wave bearing down on his vessel.

As long as emotion, complete disregard for reality (and grammar), and the politics of personality vie with logic, fact-based decision making and constitutional principle, our liberty and our very way of life will be in jeopardy.

And, by the way, stories such as this should raise the question of returning the voting age to 21, and the repeal of women’s suffrage.

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Posted in Constitutional Issues, Education, Family Matters, Politics in General | 7 Comments »

7 Responses

  1. Lisa Says:

    Why the hate so much Hali?…still irked your radio show got canned? I kinda like the “Trash and Holler” show with two old broads yippin and yappin about nothing it showed their true intelligence. I hope the Dems don’t recruit some Bathroom “Toe Tapper” that the Idaho Republican held in such high regards to for so many years. Obama For President! (don’t have a vapor lock now Hali)

  2. Educator Says:

    You make some leaps of paranoid illogic sometimes, but this one is a doozy. You even have to make up quotes for it too. I didn’t see anywhere in that story “ . . . didn’t even know she was a Democrat.” Which girl said that?

    You also take the quote from the teacher out of context. If you read the entire passage it says, “They truly believe they can make a difference and if I make that difference for them and they go on and make that difference for someone else. We will change the world, we will change the world one high school student at a time and that’s how they inspire me,” Mrs. Kartchner added. She doesn’t say change for the left or the right, just that she wants the students to know that they have the power to make a change, and to help those students in that endeavor, and that she is inspired by their belief.

    I would think that you would want young people getting involved in politics and believing that their voice counts, however delusional that might be for a Democrat in this state.

    Please keep it up, however, because I find you endlessly entertaining . . . in a black heeliocopter sort of way.

  3. Halli Says:


    I should have noted that the “several didn’t even realize they were democrats until this year” statement came from the broadcast story, not the print form. Click on the link.

    As for the statement from Mrs. Kartchner, your interpretation is a much greater stretch than my quote, which is factual.

    Young people involved in politics? Great – as long as they get the facts and can give a coherent description of the actual process.

    Didn’t see any of that in this story.

  4. BinkyBoy Says:

    Factual! HAHAHAHAHA

    I never knew this was a comedy site.

  5. BroncoP3t3 Says:

    It is nice to see people actually working for positive change in the system instead of accepting the status quo that has not done much to help the middle-class in Idaho (check the number of children on CHIP with working parents or the amount of tax revenue lost on businesses because of exemptions and now that the economy is less than stellar all the empty promises from the recipients of the exemptions). No matter where your affiliation lies, “all is not well”. Open your eyes and take a look around at your neighbors and the daily struggles to raise a family.

  6. Bubblehead Says:

    Why do you insist on calling it the “Democrat Party” when even the least educated people know it’s the “Democratic Party“. Is it just because you can’t spell? Don’t be ashamed – many people your age have gone back to high school and gotten their diploma.

  7. Halli Says:


    Surely even you cannot fail to understand the difference between the “democratic process” and the Democrat party. The Democrat party has nothing whatsoever to do with the “democratic process”, democracy, or democratization, etc.
    You may wish to look up those words in a reliable online lexicon.

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