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Guest Post: Coercion Bill Before Senate State Affairs Today

March 26th, 2008 by Halli

From David Ripley, Idaho Chooses Life

HB 654, legislation which will criminalize forced abortions in Idaho, passed the Idaho House yesterday by an overwhelming 55-11 margin. Today, we have an opportunity to explain the problem of coerced abortions to the Senate State Affairs Committee, chaired by Sen. Curt McKenzie, Republican of Nampa.

The opposition on the House floor was led by Boise Democrat Reps. Phylis King, Bill Killen and Nicole LeFavour.

Rep. Killen offered a series of questions during debate which suggested he had not actually read the bill – expressing fears that men might be charged with criminal coercion even in cases where the victim was unaware of the coercion.

The major thrust of opposition seemed to focus on the fact that the bill did not specifically provide for the coercion of women to give birth.

Bill sponsor Rep. Bob Nonini (R-CdA) responded by observing that a wealth of federal protections for the so-called right to an abortion exist – from the FACE Act to dozens of court decisions; on the other hand, virtually nothing has been done in the country to defend a woman’s right to give birth.

That argument was insufficient to dissuade ten House Democrats and one Republican (Tom Trail – Moscow) from opposing this very modest protection for pregnant women and girls.

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One Response

  1. Joan E. Harman Says:

    Anti-abortionists have been for years making various arguments that either A. Abortion is “child abuse.” B. The woman who has one can now be described as a Jezebel. C. The woman is the sole person responsible for the sex, the pregnancy and therefore the child. D. Any attempts at birth control that isn’t sexual abstinence can be deemed “baby killing” as well. E. Let’s ignore the percentage of miscarriages, upwards of 20% and roll all instances of abortion into an “on-demand” statement and over the last 30+ years declare a “baby holocaust” comparable to Hitler’s death camps.

    Anti-abortionists have been fighting for years to coerce women to have children once they are pregnant and be forced into pregnancy by opposing various birth control measures. Now in the name of “women’s rights” we have a bill that opposes “coercing” a woman to have an abortion. Never mind all those concerted efforts to coerce a woman to have a child and after that turn children themselves into a political minefield against or even for adoption and foster care, education, even the child’s own parents. Quite frankly, I don’t see what is so “moral” about Nonini’s bill.

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