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From the Pen of Rep. Bill Sali: Spending, tax increases push Tax Freedom Day to April 23

April 8th, 2008 by Halli

By Congressman Bill Sali

As you sit down to beat the April 15th deadline for filing your tax returns, consider this: In 1900, most Americans only had to work until January 22nd to fully meet all of their tax obligations to the federal, state and local governments. At that time the tax burden – the percentage of your income needed to pay your taxes – was just 6 percent. Imagine how much easier your life would be today if you were done working for the government by the end of January. Imagine how much more robust our economy would be. Today most family budgets are stretched too thin and moms and dads are working overtime – or a second job – just to put food on the table. Imagine how much our quality of life would improve if government taxed us less and we had more time and money to spend on our families.

But, alas, today ““Tax Freedom Day” for most Americans doesn’t come until April 23. Think about that! The deadline to fill out your tax forms comes and goes, yet you’re still working for the government, not for yourself, your business or your family. Fully a third of your income goes to pay the taxes you owe the government. (Burdensome government regulations actually take it up to one half, but that’s another discussion).

Government has demonstrated an insatiable appetite and propensity to grow. Almost every week in Congress, I am asked to vote to create new programs and expand existing ones. I normally vote “no”.

Just to pay for existing programs is obligating us, our children and grandchildren into oblivion. Americans just can’t afford any more. And besides, Congress is not being careful enough with your hard-earned tax dollars. There has been a lack of will to stop the abuse of earmarks.

The majority in Congress appears to think that no matter how hard you are working today, you need to work harder. The Democrat budget blueprint for this year is a clear plan to raise taxes on just about everything and everyone imaginable. In fact, for almost every problem, the Democrats’ answer is a tax increase. And, it’s not just a few small increases.

The Democrats’ plan – passed just last month – would raise taxes by $683 billion in the next five years. That’s the biggest tax increase in American history. It includes higher taxes on married couples and small businesses. Their plan also includes no permanent fix for the Alternative Minimum Tax that threatens unsuspecting middle income Americans to the tune of $70 billion in new taxes.

And on the horizon are even more tax increases if Congress fails to act. Higher income tax rates and higher capital gains taxes will hit virtually everyone. Higher dividend taxes will hit every investor. The death tax will be back, as will the marriage tax penalty. The tax credit for every child will be cut in half. All of these tax increases will have a very negative impact on our economy and on our families and businesses.

Congress must recognize that Americans are taxed too much. Rather than focus the attention on creating new government programs and dreaming up new ways to spend your money, Congress should set about eliminating programs and stop doing things that the federal government was never intended to do – and at which it rarely does a good job. Congress must make a priority of finding ways to lower the tax burden on Americans instead of increasing it. If we don’t, Tax Freedom Day will soon be delayed until May or June, and we’ll reminisce about the “good old days” when our tax debts were paid in full by April. Let’s hope and pray that never happens.

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