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Press Release: Congressman Bill Sali says Rising Gas Prices are Another Reason Congress Deserves No Pay Raise

April 22nd, 2008 by Halli

From the office of Rep. Bill Sali

Pointing out that Congress has failed to act on a series of vital issues, including high gas prices, Congressman Bill Sali (R-Idaho) today called on other members of Congress to join a bipartisan effort to stop automatic congressional pay increases. Sali said Congress must address half a dozen core issues, but rising gas prices reflects the latest in a long line of failings.

“The policies of Speaker Nancy Pelosi have generated $4 a gallon diesel and will soon lead to $4 gasoline. Gas prices are up by more than a dollar in my district. This ‘Pelosi Premium’ is a disaster in the making, and giving members of Congress a pay raise would be a callous and arrogant response,” said Sali.

Last year, Sali warned that Congress was working to pass energy legislation that would virtually guarantee higher energy prices. “Everyone I know thinks $3 for a gallon of gas is already too high. But if this bill became law we would all yearn for the days of $3 gas,” Sali said at the time.

Sali said rising gas prices further illustrate how this Congress has failed to act on vital issues.

“Gas prices are killing the family budget. Illegal immigration continues to put our national security at risk. And yet this Congress won’t even touch either issue. By every measure, this Congress has accomplished nothing. And yet, Congress will get a pay raise automatically. That’s a violation of the trust the people have placed in Congress,” said Sali

Congress has failed to directly take up two other major issues as well: Passage of a new Farm Bill and renewal of the Protect America Act. Congress last week passed a one week extension of the Farm Bill. While an important stop-gap move, farmers deserve certainty about the future, Sali said.

“Farmers are left waiting and waiting for Congress to do the job they’re getting paid to do. It’s just plain mean to treat our farmers like this,” Sali said.

Nearly two months have passed since the Protect America Act expired. The law provides important tools for the federal government to prevent terrorist attacks.

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