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Press Release: Sali Works to Protect Gun Rights

July 24th, 2008 by Halli

From the Office of Rep. Bill Sali

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Bill Sali today spearheaded an effort calling for state and local laws to govern the use of guns on National Park lands.

At a meeting of the House Natural Resources Committee, Sali offered amendments to H.R. 5853. The bill expands the boundary of the Minute Man National Historical Park in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to include Barrett’s Farm. Minute Man National Historical Park commemorates one of the most important events in our Nation’s history. In April 1775 Colonel James Barrett’s farm was used by the colonists to hide muskets, cannons and powder in the fields, having been alerted by Paul Revere of the advancing British troops. When the farm was searched by the British, nothing was found, preserving arms that would be used later that day in the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

“While the farm of Colonel Barrett will now be appropriately preserved by the National Park Service, what may be lost is our Second Amendment rights that the colonists and Founding Fathers fought for,” said Sali.

Currently, a National Park Service regulation restricts gun rights, replacing the laws of State and local governments, by specifically prohibiting the possession of fire arms in National Parks. Sali’s amendment requires that laws regarding the possession or use of a fire arm be governed by State and local governments.

“If a state or local government sees fit to impose similar restrictions, then so be it, but the National Park Service needs to stay out. The Park Service does many things well. Unfortunately the regulation of firearms is not one of them. This is a clear issue, and it affects the rights of law-abiding gun owners not only from Idaho but across the United States. The Second Amendment is a right put in place by our founders should not be abridged by the National Park Service’s anti-gun regulations,” Sali said.

Crime rates in National Parks raised concerns for Sali and he offered 3 other similar state gun rights amendments during the mark up.

“In 2006 alone, 11 visitors to National Park Service lands were murdered, 35 were raped, 61 were robbed and 16 were kidnapped. All other federal land management agencies follow state and local laws. I’m simply asking that the National Park Service follow suit,” concluded Sali.

The amendments failed in committee. The bills now await action on the House floor.

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