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Guest Post: Racist Taunts Against Blacks

November 11th, 2008 by Halli

From Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance

Blogger Rod McCullom reports that gay activists hurled racial epithets at black homosexuals this week, evidently blaming the black community, which voted 70-30 for natural marriage, for the success of California’s marriage amendment.

According to this blogger, “[T]he ‘blame the blacks’ meme is being commonly accepted by some so-called ‘progressive’ gay activists.”

Blacks were subjected to “taunts, threats and racist abuse” at a homosexual-rights rally in LA on Sunday night outside the LA temple of the LDS church.

One gay black student reported, “It was like being at a klan rally except the klansmen were wearing Abercombie polos and Birkenstocks. ‘YOU NIGGER,’ one man shouted at me. If you people want to call me a FAGGOT, I will call you a nigger.” (Note: original spelling and punctuation preserved.)

Someone else said the same thing to him on the next block, and he was told that “the niggers better not come to West Hollywood if they knew what was BEST for them.” He and his friend were carrying “No on Prop 8″ signs but were still subjected to the racial abuse.

Three older men accosted a friend of his, shouting, “Black people did this. I hope you people are happy!” and they were soon joined by a young lesbian couple with Mohawks and Obama buttons saying they were “very disappointed with black people.”

When his friend pointed out he was carrying a “No on Prop 8″ sign, one of the older men said it didn’t matter because “most black people hated gays” and that it was wrong to think that black people had compassion.

Another blogger reported receiving several phone calls from blacks, both straight and gay, who were called “niggers” and were accosted in their cars and told that it was “because of you people gays don’t have equal rights and you better watch your back.”

McCollum reported that at least a dozen racist comments had had to be removed from his pro-gay blog, such as “Black people make me feel like s— when it should have been a night of celebration for all,” and “F-K you niggers.”

(To their credit, leaders of both Truth Wins Out and People for the American Way issued statements condemning these racist outbursts.)

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