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Guest Post: Homosexual Jihadists Strike Again

November 18th, 2008 by Halli

Halli’s note: Can you say “SODOM AND GOMORRAH”?

From Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance

A mob of enraged homosexuals surrounded a small group of Christians who were praying and singing in San Francisco’s Castro District Friday night, threatening to kill them, and were restrained only by San Francisco riot police who escorted the small band of intercessors to safety.

A 4:45 YouTube clip of the scene can be accessed through the second link below. Be advised that it contains offensive language, shouted in full-throated vitriol at Christians, whose worst offense was peacefully singing “Amazing Grace.”

When the leader of the group was asked, “Why are you here?” the leader of the prayer group said simply, “We’re here to worship God, and we’re here because we love you.”

In response, they were doused with hot coffee, soda, and alcohol, spit on, hit on their heads either with their own Bibles, thrown to the ground and kicked repeatedly. Said one woman, “They started saying, ‘We’re going to kill you.’ They started taking our pictures and saying, ‘We’re going to kill you. We know who you are.’”

One male member of the prayer group was sexually assaulted, being touched and grabbed in a sexual manner with some in the crowd actually trying to take off his pants.

When the police asked the woman who was beaten with her own Bible if she wanted to press charges, she replied, “No, tell him I forgive him.”

As they were escorted out of the Castro District, one man screamed into the camera, “We don’t ever want them coming back. Do you understand that, other Christians? Do you understand that, other Mormons? I’m talking to you, people. Yeah, you. Stay out of our neighborhood if you don’t like us. Leave us alone!”

Mind you, this is in response to a group that had not preached and had not attempted to proselytize anyone.

One member of the Tyrants of Tolerance said, “They got a chance to go ahead and pray on the sidewalk, and I had the opportunity to express my freedom of speech, which is telling them to get out of my neighborhood.”

So much for the inalienable right not only to “life” to also to “liberty,” which means the freedom to go where you want to go in public without fear for your personal safety.

Two things are striking here. One, any objective observer would have to say that all the tolerance and the love was being demonstrated by the Christians in this encounter, and all the hate and rage was being demonstrated by homosexuals. Perhaps the truth is the exact opposite of what we have been told incessantly by the Old Media.

Second, the parallels between enraged homosexual activists and Muslim jihadists is getting harder to ignore. In this encounter, vitriolic homosexuals threaten to kill these Christians just because they are Christians, just as radical Muslims threaten to kill Christians and Jews just because of their religious affiliation.

Just as Muslims have made it illegal for Jews to even travel to let alone live in Arab countries, so these homosexuals have made the Castro District in San Francisco off-limits to Christians, under threat of death.

We may be on the verge of a new kind of domestic terrorism, driven by the mindless rage of homosexual jihadists who, just like their Muslim counterparts, cannot tolerate either religious freedom or democracy.

Sparks fly as ‘gay’ activist mob swarms Christians

YouTube – Chased out of the Castro District – 11-14-08

Michelle Malkin » Anti-Prop. 8 Mob Watch: Christians in San Francisco’s Castro district

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