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Andi Elliott: Hope and Change?

May 21st, 2009 by Halli

So, how’s the “hope and change” working out for ya? Let’s summarize the changes that have taken place in the last 100 plus days.

America is being transformed from the most successful country in the entire history of the world AND one with the highest standard of living AND one with the most effective health care system into a Fascist (Socialism with a smile) soon to be, European-style third world country.

We have a president who hires and fires corporate CEO’s, destroys auto industries, injects trillions of dollars of worthless paper into our economic system (can we say “massive inflation”), spends like he has no limits (oh wait…he doesn’t), pits Americans against Americans, vows to “redistribute wealth”, presides over a “Crooked Cabinet”, and is adored by a part of the population which does not have the wherewithal to overcome decades of an education system driven by a liberal agenda and that has conditioned them to become ignorant “American sheeples”. AND, all this is supported by a willing media who are content to be told what to publish…truth or fiction or photo-shopped… for the purpose of pure manipulation of the masses.

But more importantly, all of this has inspired people to begin publicly admitting to experiencing “buyers’ remorse”. Our government is overlooking the fact that this daily egregious assault on our Constitution is serving to awaken a “sleeping giant”….We The People…who will not stand quietly by while our government deliberately reduces American to third world status circumventing the very guiding principles upon which we were founded and that have contributed to our greatness.

Meanwhile, the European media is dumbfounded that our US media continually represses information on this president who has yet to “prove his citizenship” and “hates his country” as is being reported in foreign countries. Obama’s anti-American policies are obvious to those of us who wake up on a daily basis to new government entanglement in our lives. AKA Obama is not an American in the true sense…one who loves and respects and is proud of his country and obviously has contempt for “We the People”. His urgency to transform America and implement his agenda is driven by the fact that “We the People” are beginning to stir and “We” are making it known that “We” will not go quietly into the boxcars.

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