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Andrew Richardson: Who ARE These People?

May 23rd, 2009 by Halli

By Andrew Richardson, of Richmond, VA

Who ARE these people running for public office? How can they have
failed to notice that the government stopped doing things “for” the
people and started doing things “to” us long ago? Yet, somehow, they
still think it is ok to tell us how they are going to spend the
fictitious tax money they hope to extort from the few remaining
productive citizens.

Have they truly failed to notice that our country is broke – that any
money we spend now has to be borrowed from our children and grand
children yet to be born? Is our standard of living truly so valuable that we are willing to
burn the future of the country in the fires of fascism to keep it
going for just a bit longer?

The men who created this country would have been appalled; Thomas
Paine knew the kinds of people it would take to keep his dream alive
and wrote about them. “A generous parent would have said, if there
must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”
How far from those noble ideals we have fallen. Today, our politicians
are content, not only to send trouble to their own children – which in
itself would make them a rotten parent – but they are sending trouble
to all of our children and grand children for the entirety of the
foreseeable future. How is that just? How could that possibly be good?
IF by some miracle those people running for public office actually
cared about something as crazy as the good of the country they would
at least show it by looking for solutions to the real problems facing
us – the biggest problem being obviously, the burden of government
crushing the spirit of the individual.

“If elected I pledge to do __________.”
NO!!! Try, “If elected I will restore to you the freedoms you were promised.”
Or perhaps, “I will get the government out of your way.”
Or even, “I will fight to REDUCE the burden of the frivolous laws on
you and especially on businesses.”
James Madison said, “It will be of little avail to the people that the
laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous
that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be

Did our politicians think he was kidding? Point to me a place in
history where more laws have been a good thing. Are we truly such
children that we need the government to tell us every single thing we
should and shouldn’t do ‘for our own good’?
If you see a problem that needs fixing fix it yourself? You are an
American, the government doesn’t fix our problems, WE DO.
Really, who are we if we cannot solve the problems we have created for
ourselves? Are we children – so undisciplined in our daily lives that
we cannot endure the natural consequences we have incurred?

I am tired of politicians answering questions that are framed by
themselves. Perhaps they should answer the questions that tell us who
they really are. I have a few questions I want to see answers to:

Question 1. “What principles do you live your life by?”
Question 2. “What will you do to take power AWAY from the state and
federal governments and return it to the people?”
Question 3. “At what point in our history do you see the tide of
government turn decidedly against the liberty of the people ‘for our
own good?’”
Question 4. “As _______ what will you do to encourage personal
responsibility, and will you return the freedom to fail to the

Just a beginning, but tell me, have you ever seen those questions
asked, let alone answered without spin?
We are Americans, the power of our country rests in us, not in those
that use our resources to pay off just enough people to get elected
time and again.

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