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iFAN First Addition: Twenty-three to Three

July 22nd, 2009 by Halli

We hope you enjoy this post from a new “alternative” source in Idaho Falls.

Guest Post by Silence Dogwood, reporting for the Idaho Falls Alternative News

July 17, 2009

In a landslide vote last night, the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) voted to begin endorsements of issues as well as non-partisan races. The endorsement policy includes a clause allowing the BCRCC to lend financial support (to the tune of 25% of annual expenditures) to such causes.

Those who were anticipating the vote on the endorsement issue worried early-on as Senator Bart Davis (RINO-Bonneville County) embarked on a stall campaign, picking apart Jonathan Haines’ revisions to the by-laws. This, despite knowledge that numerous other counties in the state of Idaho had expressed interest in duplicating what they anticipated would pass in the BCRCC’s by-laws. One representative from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was even attendance to see the historical changes put into place. At Davis’ 15-minute mark of “clarifications,” he was interrupted by Dr. Don Schanz (PCO) asking that the revisions be put to vote. The motion was seconded, and the votes were tallied. The revisions were passed with exactly the two-thirds vote required.

It was now ten minutes to the proposed closing of the meeting, nine o’clock, and Schanz moved that the committee skip ahead to what most in attendance saw as the most important issue of the evening, a vote on the endorsement issue. The motion carried. The opposition to the endorsement issue immediately began plan of attack number two, a call to adjourn. The motion failed, as those in attendance apparently did not want to leave without finalizing what had been on the BCRCC’s agenda for three months.

BCRCC Chairman Damond Watkins set the stage for how the remainder of the evening would continue. Those in favor and those in opposition to the endorsement issue would each present three people to speak for three minutes each. A coin was tossed, and those in favor spoke first. Larry Lyon (PCO and former Idaho Falls City Council Member) spoke first. He felt so strongly about the importance of the issue that he had flown in from Texas to be able to speak and vote on the issue. Others speaking in favor of the endorsement were Jon Burrup and Schanz.

Davis was the first speaker in opposition. He stated that he felt passing such a measure would strain the brand of the Republican Party. One couldn’t help but wonder how votes such as those of Representative Mike Simpson’s, supporting then President Bush’s bail-out of private institutions strained the brand, since the national Republican Party Platform specifically prohibits the bail-out of private institutions.

State Senator Dean Mortimer was next in line to speak in opposition, followed by the final speaker in opposition . . . oh, wait, nobody else currently elected is in opposition to this measure. Well, then, I guess the opposition only had two speakers . . . no, wait, Kathy Stanger asked if she could step up to the plate with permission of Watkins. Stanger was later found stating, “Would somebody please hit me over the head if I ever go to another political meeting in Bonneville County?”, to which Rebecca Casper (PCO) replied, “I hear you sister!” We are compelled to ask, “If the two of you would rather be beaten over the head than attend a BCRCC meeting, maybe it’s time to consider the other party!”

Schanz moving closing remarks included the point that the Idaho Republican party Chairman Norm Semanko had stated that it was only the BCRCC themselves who were restricting endorsements in non-partisan elections. Schanz stated that the BCRCC had shackled and handcuffed themselves and that a vote in favor of the proposed amendment would take off the shackles and allow the BCRCC to endorse any candidate, if they so chose.

The ballots were cast, the votes were tallied, the measure passed 23-3.

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