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David Ripley: President Spins Web Around Health Care Overhaul

August 25th, 2009 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

In his national radio broadcast on Saturday, the President attempted to relieve Americans’ fears that his proposals to take over the nation’s health care system would lead to systematic euthanasia or tax-funded abortions.

He claimed, according to the Washington Times, that he welcomed public discussion of his radical ideas.

“But, it should be an honest debate, not one dominated by willful misrepresentations and outright distortions…,” the President said. According to this same news article, Mr. Obama directly tackled the claim that his proposal would force you and me to finance the destruction of babies in the womb. He further denied that his plans would incentivize the premature destruction of the old and infirm to save budget dollars.

Let us admit freely some satisfaction that Mr. Obama felt compelled to direct his attention to these very troubling moral questions. While happily pressing for expanded abortion rates at every opportunity – the President has been quite reluctant to forthrightly brandish his radicalism before the cameras. No doubt he and his advisers were upset at having to tarnish his image by actually speaking the word, ‘abortion’. But the public pressure on this issue has become very intense; it is a sign of our effectiveness that he deigned to answer the Pro-Life community in America. The real problem is Obama seeks to deceive us when denying he and his congressional allies intend to expand tax funding of the Abortion Industry.

Doug Johnson, of the National Right to Life Committee, pointed out that the House Energy & Commerce Committee voted on July 30th to authorize government funding of all elective abortions for persons enrolled in the government insurance program.

Furthermore, Nancy Pelosi’s Congress has repeatedly rejected amendments put forth to prohibit tax funding of abortions.

And make no mistake, the Democrats in Congress are not moving beyond the wishes of their Leader. In his groveling appearance before Planned Parenthood as a candidate, Mr. Obama made the following promise: “In my mind, reproductive health care [i.e., abortion-on-demand] is at the center and at the heart of the [health care] reform plan that I propose.”

The more we learn of Obama’s agenda on matters dealing with economics, the environment, abortion and health care – the more we discern a coherent world view. Human beings are the problem, the threat to be managed. Like Margaret Sanger before him, Obama apparently believes that eugenics must be applied to not only shrink the human population, but to cleanse it of its less desirable members.

There can be little doubt that Obama’s health care legislation is the direst threat to human beings since Roe v. Wade was imposed upon America by a rogue Supreme Court.

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