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Larry Lyon: The Case for Republican Party Endorsement of City Candidates

October 12th, 2009 by Halli

By Larry Lyon, Bonneville County Republican Central Committee Precinct Committeeman

“All that is necessary tor the forces of evil to rule the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” It is time to make these more than words. The God given freedoms we have been blessed with for over two hundred years are being lost. The Idaho Republican Party is full of good men. Unfortunately most of them are sitting by and doing nothing in the cities of Idaho to protect our liberty.

Candidates for state and national office many times start their political careers in city counsels, school boards and Mayors offices. If the people who fill these offices are not committed to preserving the constitution as the founders intended; are they suddenly going to start respecting the Constitution when they get elected to state or national office? Of course not!

In the state of New York local elections are partisan. There have been attempts to make them non-partisan. These have been rejected. Why? In New York non-partisan city elections are considered bad public policy. Voter turnout is not improved. People actually have less of a voice because without any common set of principles for groups of people to rally around (party Platforms) they remain ineffective individuals bobbing in the political ocean. They are easily fooled by predatory demagogues and opportunists.

One question that the Republicans need to answer is, “Why do they not get involved in city elections when the Democrats are already heavily involved in city elections?” Democrats are smart enough to know that to openly tag a candidate as a Democrat will likely diminish their chances of getting elected in most parts of the state. They use other tactics:

1) They work through the opinion pages of local papers. An example of this appeared in the Idaho Falls Post Register on Sunday September 27th of this year. Dino Lowrey wrote an opinion piece comparing the Bonneville County Republicans Endorsement of City Council candidate Alex Creek to a “circus”. The title of her article was “This Circus Needs to Leave Town”. She was described by the tag at the end of the article as an archeologist. You would think she is an independent thinking non-partisan, but you would be wrong. What the tag at the end of the article didn’t say is that she is the wife of the Chairman of the Bonneville County Democrats. She is very much a left wing ideologue with a partisan agenda.

2) They redefine themselves as moderates or non- partisan. This is what Boise City Council candidate TJ Thomson is doing. Just last year TJ was at the Democratic National Convention nominating Barack Obama for President. Now his Facebook page describes him as non-partisan and he describes himself as a moderate.

3) They use Democratic front groups like Acorn and Democracy for America.
TJ’s endorsments are a who’s who of Idaho Democrats.

Republicans need to wake up and shake off the shackles of political correctness. Republicans must recruit, endorse and promote wise and good men and women who are true to the Constitution and the Republican Party platform. Otherwise they will lose Idaho to the Democrats city by city and won’t even know what hit them.

I will close with these words from Glen Beck’s book Common Sense, “…Martin Luther King Jr., once said: ‘The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.’ Do not remain neutral. Do not sit idly by. Silence has gotten us nowhere…”

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