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David Ripley: Indiana Right to Life Denies Endorsements to Democrats

April 8th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

A new national precedent may be in the works. In the wake of Bart Stupak’s decision to back President Obama’s abortion-expansion bill, Indiana Right to Life has established a new policy of not endorsing any Democrats for political office. The policy will hold regardless of a candidate’s claim to be “pro-Life”.

The Indiana pro-Life movement is feeling particularly betrayed by the final vote on Obama’s health care bill: 3 Democrats who have always claimed to be pro-Life joined Stupak in getting Pelosi the votes she needed to impose her abortion agenda on America. Indiana Democrats Brad Ellsworth, Joe Donnelly and Baron Hill were accused of breaking faith with the pro-Life movement, which had previously supported their candidacies.

“Ellsworth’s collapse under pressure from the White House and Speaker Pelosi … leaves us no alternative,” said Right to Life Executive Director Mike Fichter. “Leadership matters, and the reality is that Democratic leaders are advancing an abortion agenda at an alarming rate….”

There may have been a day when it was possible to be a Democrat and a pro-Lifer, but those days are and circumstances are becoming increasingly rare with the radical leadership now in firm control of the national party. That same ideological purity is tightening its grip here in Idaho.

In the last session of the Idaho Legislature, all Senate Democrats opposed our conscience legislation – which is tantamount to an official refusal to even acknowledge the right of others to see the abortion issue differently from themselves. There were two brave souls in the Idaho House – James Ruchti and Branden Durst – who had the guts to buck the choke-hold that abortion zealots have on the party. But they paid a big personal price.

It is difficult for the average American to grasp how abortion-obsessed Obama & Co. are. As we face unprecedented challenges – staggering debt, huge unemployment, wars in two nations – it is almost unbelievable to read that these people have the time and energy to impose their abortion agenda not just on Americans – but on foreign nations, as well. Last week, Hillary Clinton used the power of her high office to demand that the Canadian government support her agenda of creating an abortion right in every nation on the planet. Today we learn that President Obama is applying heavy pressure on the government of his native Kenya to create a constitutional right to abortion.

That kind of manic fixation on abortion will ultimately force Democrats of conscience to withdraw their participation from a party whose highest agenda item seems to be the destruction of new life in the womb.

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