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David Ripley: Conservatives May Face Tough Primary

April 21st, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

As the primary election gets ever closer, we are becoming concerned about a relatively low turn-out among rank-and-file conservatives.

There is plenty of anger among voters – but it is an anger waiting to explode against liberal Democrats, the allies of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. And the thing about anger is that it’s mighty – but negative. The challenge facing conservative legislative candidates on the ballot next month is turning that negative energy into a positive energy. Will rank-and-file conservatives turn out in strong numbers to protect their friends?

In other words – if conservatives sit on their resentments waiting for a crack at Walt Minnick, they may find a number of legislative friends mysteriously absent from the general election and next year’s Legislature.

The danger is heightened by the fact that liberal Democrats are mobilizing to take full advantage of Idaho’s ridiculous Open Primary System.

Union members at the IEA are hopping mad about budget cuts to schools and, potentially, their paychecks. They want to dump those conservative legislators they see as blocking their demand for a big tax increase next year.

Just last week, the Idaho Public Employees Association – representing disgruntled state employees – published a newsletter instructing their members on the how and whys of “strategic cross-over voting”.

Here is a startling quote:

“Voting in the primary is the best way to influence a party’s platform, and it is a great way to bring about change. Idaho primaries are open primaries. That means you don’t have to register as a member of a party.”

Wait, there are additional details provided for the more dim-witted of their readers:

“Here’s a possible scenario: You’re leaning toward the Democrat in the general election, but the Democrats don’t have a contested primary in your district. So you vote for the Republican that most closely represents your views and that person wins the primary …. But then in the fall you realize that the Democrat still looks better to you, so you vote for the Democrat.”

If rank-and-file Republicans do not participate next month, it will not take many Democrat cross-over votes to flip a number of crucial legislative elections.

That portends not only tax increases next session – it will mean a devastating blow to the pro-Life movement.

Help us spread the word: Let’s get out and vote on May 25th.

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