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Chick Heileson on Halli & Friends

April 16th, 2010 by Halli

If you missed the live show, be sure to listen on demand to today’s interview with Chick Heileson on Halli & Friends.

For the next few days you can also listen to the episode with the player on this page.

Chick is running in the primary for the Republican nomination for Idaho’s Second Congressional District seat, and is the true constitutionally based candidate. Be sure to check out Chick’s website.

Remember that Halli & Friends now airs 8-9am weekdays at

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Andi Elliott: It Happened Again Last Night…

April 12th, 2010 by Halli

It happened again last night. My husband and I were attending the political forum at the Civic Auditorium. Someone unknown to me approached and asked if I were a Jefferson County resident. They proceeded to tell me that Jefferson County has a terrible reputation in the state for corruption. What??? This was particularly disturbing as I was told the same thing two days before while we were at Governor Otter’s campaign stop at the Riverbend Ranch.

When we moved to Idaho 9 years ago, we literally could have lived anyplace in the country. We chose Idaho because of its historic stance for States Rights and the predominant Conservative culture.

Over the years, I have been told that I am a “paradox” because of my involvement in animal welfare and yet a Conservative. (No, Prosecutor Dunn, I am not an animal rights activist as you persist in trying to “paint” me.) And so, along with my lifelong Conservative ideology comes a strong sense of personal responsibility… taking care of your family, providing proper care for your animals, working to improve your community, state, and country and in keeping with this philosophy comes the expectation of having our elected officials upholding our laws…all of them.

Which leads to the purpose of this editorial…why does Jefferson County repeatedly refuse to enforce the Animal Cruelty laws enacted by the Idaho Legislature? Could this selective enforcement of laws contribute to the poor reputation of our county? Perhaps a PR agent is needed under these circumstances!

Andi Elliott

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Richard Larsen: Boy Scouts of America Hundredth Anniversary

April 12th, 2010 by Halli

By Richard Larsen

While most of us have been preoccupied with events and developments in Washington and the around the world, a first class organization dedicated to the development of character, leadership qualities, citizenship and personal fitness in youth achieved a landmark recently. Praised by parents whose children have been groomed and nurtured by it and loved by the boys who learn so much from it, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) celebrated its centennial in February.

Robert Baden-Powell was concerned with the lack of direction manifest by young men 100 years ago and resolved he had to do something. He founded the Boy Scouts with a vision of teaching boys the codes of chivalry and Victorian virtues, a la King Arthur’s Round Table. He was convinced the reason that story resonated with young men was because it represented the convergence of strength and goodness.

Baden-Powell stated that the aim of the new organization was “…to develop among boys a power of sympathizing with others, and a spirit of self-sacrifice and patriotism.” His Scouting manual, according to historian Paul Fussell, is a “book about goodness,” as it taught fundamental acts of selflessness, service and citizenship. The original manual was replete with dicta of chivalry. “A Scout is friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, brave.”

“When in difficulty to know which of two things to do, [the Scout] must ask himself, ‘Which is my duty?’ that is, ‘Which is best for other people?’—and do that one.”

A Scout is “polite to all, especially to women, children, old people, and the weak and helpless.” He must obey an ironclad law of personal integrity: “If a Scout were to break his honour by telling a lie . . . he would cease to be a Scout—he loses his life,” Baden-Powell warned.

The positive impact the BSA has had on the nation is inestimable. In 2000, the BSA achieved the landmark of 100 millionth Scout since its inception in 1910. Just last year they celebrated the two millionth Eagle Scout award, which represents the pinnacle of youth advancement. To receive the award a requisite mastery of skills, knowledge and character development must be attained.

Today, there are over three million Scouts and 1.2 million adult leaders nationwide. In Eastern Idaho, there are 21,000 youth and over 10,000 adult leaders associated with the BSA. Over 600 young men achieved their Eagle Scout award last year, providing over 45,000 service hours to Eastern Idaho communities in the process, according to Clarke Farrer, Scout Executive for the Grand Teton Council.

Research conducted and compiled by Harris & Associates indicates conclusively that “Young men with strong Scouting backgrounds maintain higher ethical standards, attain higher educational levels, and show less antisocial behavior than do those with no Scouting background.” The research concluded that such positive results are due to Scouting effectively addressing what experts consider to be the “…six critical elements of healthy youth development: (1) strong personal values and character, (2) a positive sense of self-worth and usefulness, (3) caring and nurturing relationships with parents, other adults, and peers, (4) a desire to learn, (5) productive/creative use of time, and (6) social adeptness.”

In today’s climate of self-destructive, antisocial and violent behavior among our youth the goals of Scouting seem anachronistic, like a beacon of light and hope for young men. Any organization that strives to inculcate values, character, and teach valuable skills in a fun and safe environment deserves our individual and collective support.

Some may scoff at the idea of the “safe” environment in light of some regrettable events in recent years. As long as mortals are involved, there is a chance of error, regardless of how good the institution and the precautions taken to prevent problems. Yet according to the Harris research, 98% of young men feel safe in the Scouting environment. Statistically, that’s probably much higher than how many young people feel safe in their own homes.

Perhaps not surprisingly, those most critical, and who seek to do the most harm to Scouting, are the same ones who do all they can to put the youth more at risk by forcing the BSA to allow avowed homosexuals into the program. But we have learned to expect that from the ACLU and others who, rather than create organizations to their specifications, strive to destroy that which is good and noble.

Scouts promise, “On my honor I will do my best. To do my duty to God and my country…” How refreshing in this day and age! The BSA, our local council, and our local units deserve our support, financial and otherwise. There are so many destructive forces working on our children, we need all the positive reinforcement we can get, like we get from the Boy Scouts of America.

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David Ripley: Planned Parenthod Takes Exploitation to New Level

April 9th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

It seems that Planned Parenthood is playing around with a new method for increasing profits at the expense of women.

Operation Rescue reports that Iowa Planned Parenthood is using “Doc-on-the-Screen” to counsel women who come in for chemical abortions at their various offices around the state. But instead of being examined by a medical doctor, women are interviewed over a computer connected to Planned Parenthood’s Des Moines office. From there a Planned Parenthood doctor dispenses generic blah-blah about how to use RU-486.

Interview completed, drugs dispensed, women dispatched. Very efficient – and lucrative.

Operation Rescue has also discovered that Planned Parenthood is billing insurance companies at a rate 2.5 times the national service for this truncated service.

Now only is this operation illegal, it puts women at greater physical and psychological risk.

RU-486 has a known failure rate of 7-20%. Who is on hand to help the woman if the chemical abortion goes wrong? We have confirmed cases of 13 deaths from RU-486, as well as another 1100 women who have suffered serious physical complications from the deadly drug.

But our guess is that these physical issues pale by comparison to the psychological problems women face in being both the agent and victim of their own abortion. Imagine the trauma of disposing of your baby in your home toilet. Don’t think that doesn’t leave deep emotional scarring? With Planned Parenthood’s new aggressive approach to abusing women for greater profits – their isolation and pain can only increase.

Operation Rescue has filed formal complaints with the Iowa Board of Medicine, asking for disciplinary action against Planned Parenthood and its “video doc”. We’ll let you know what, if anything, happens.

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David Ripley: Indiana Right to Life Denies Endorsements to Democrats

April 8th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

A new national precedent may be in the works. In the wake of Bart Stupak’s decision to back President Obama’s abortion-expansion bill, Indiana Right to Life has established a new policy of not endorsing any Democrats for political office. The policy will hold regardless of a candidate’s claim to be “pro-Life”.

The Indiana pro-Life movement is feeling particularly betrayed by the final vote on Obama’s health care bill: 3 Democrats who have always claimed to be pro-Life joined Stupak in getting Pelosi the votes she needed to impose her abortion agenda on America. Indiana Democrats Brad Ellsworth, Joe Donnelly and Baron Hill were accused of breaking faith with the pro-Life movement, which had previously supported their candidacies.

“Ellsworth’s collapse under pressure from the White House and Speaker Pelosi … leaves us no alternative,” said Right to Life Executive Director Mike Fichter. “Leadership matters, and the reality is that Democratic leaders are advancing an abortion agenda at an alarming rate….”

There may have been a day when it was possible to be a Democrat and a pro-Lifer, but those days are and circumstances are becoming increasingly rare with the radical leadership now in firm control of the national party. That same ideological purity is tightening its grip here in Idaho.

In the last session of the Idaho Legislature, all Senate Democrats opposed our conscience legislation – which is tantamount to an official refusal to even acknowledge the right of others to see the abortion issue differently from themselves. There were two brave souls in the Idaho House – James Ruchti and Branden Durst – who had the guts to buck the choke-hold that abortion zealots have on the party. But they paid a big personal price.

It is difficult for the average American to grasp how abortion-obsessed Obama & Co. are. As we face unprecedented challenges – staggering debt, huge unemployment, wars in two nations – it is almost unbelievable to read that these people have the time and energy to impose their abortion agenda not just on Americans – but on foreign nations, as well. Last week, Hillary Clinton used the power of her high office to demand that the Canadian government support her agenda of creating an abortion right in every nation on the planet. Today we learn that President Obama is applying heavy pressure on the government of his native Kenya to create a constitutional right to abortion.

That kind of manic fixation on abortion will ultimately force Democrats of conscience to withdraw their participation from a party whose highest agenda item seems to be the destruction of new life in the womb.

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David Ripley: Pro-Life Battle Heats Up in Michigan

April 7th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

A couple of news-worthy items have caught our attention in recent days.

First, there is the intense opposition building to Rep. Bart Stupak in his home state. The Tea Party Express has been working for the past couple weeks at organizing a series of rallies opposing his re-election.

Fresh off their confrontation with Sen. Reid in Nevada, the Tea Party Express is heading full steam in Michigan. They are organizing 5 tea party rallies in Stupak’s district. Their hope is to focus attention on his betrayal of his promises to America that he would stand to the end in defense of preborn children. Instead, he helped secure passage of ObamaCare by swinging a crucial bloc of votes at the end to support the infamous bill.

In addition, Tea Party Express organizers are hoping to leave behind a war chest of $100,000 to run independent expenditures against Stupak.

And then there is the battle raging in the Michigan Legislature over 4 Planned Parenthood bills. The most problematic may be HB5164, which requires a pharmacy to fill every prescription without “bias” or “delay”.

During our two year struggle to secure conscience protections in Idaho for pharmacists and other health care professionals, Planned Parenthood & Friends consistently dipped and dodged their national agenda: forcing health care professionals to toe their abortion line. Pharmacists in Illinois and Washington have already felt the sting of their lash.

Planned Parenthood of Idaho did, in fact, try and persuade the Board of Pharmacy to support legislation which would require pharmacists to fill all prescriptions like automatons. Fortunately they did not succeed. With passage of SB1353, health care professionals in Idaho have some room to breathe.

We pray success to pro-Lifers in Michigan in defeating Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

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Halli & Friends Radio Show Canceled Wednesday, April 7

April 7th, 2010 by Halli

Due to the funeral of a good friend and neighbor, I must cancel today’s Halli & Friends radio program.

I’ll be back Thursday at 1pm MDT with guest Wayne Hoffman, executive director of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

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Rep. Tom Loertscher: House Highlights – April 5, 2010

April 5th, 2010 by Halli

By Representative Tom Loertscher, R-Bone

As I was sitting down to eat Sunday Dinner I couldn’t help but think that it had been a while since the last such dinner at home. I also had to chain the axle of my trusty pickup to the shed to keep it from taking off for Boise this afternoon. With the end of a session comes a “shifting of gears,” as life starts to get back to normal, if there is such a thing at the ranch.

I’ve been reading some of the commentaries on the session and I sometimes wonder if I was in the same place they have been describing. Of most interest has been the criticism of how the majority party is so pessimistic about our state revenues. I would rather call it being cautious, recognizing that overestimating revenues and falling short has a completely different outcome than underestimating and having more funds come in. A special session to increase budgets would be much simpler than having a year full of shortfalls such as we have just been through.

It was the most difficult year I have personally seen and also the busiest. For some reason the session started out being very intense and it finished the same way. State affairs for example, met right up to the last day of the session to accomplish what we were assigned. The issues we heard were more complicated than usual and at times quite controversial. Getting used to our new surroundings also played a role.

Some have said that we should have raised taxes to sustain the activities of government and then the question I have raised with them has been, “Whose taxes should we raise?” Not on them is the most frequent reply. Then on whom should we have raised taxes? The dairy industry is still selling milk at below cost. The potato farmers are selling spuds (if they can find a buyer) for two dollars and under, which is far below the cost of growing them. How about the construction industry? I have neighbors who have not had a project in a year, and have no current prospects on which to bid. And the list goes on.

Some say that we should have done more to improve the economy, and that state government should play a bigger role to help. Does that mean more government involvement in everything? President Ronald Reagan put it best when he said that government is the problem, not the solution.

Linda and I went to Ohio last fall to visit our son Reed and his family who is in anesthesia school. While there we visited Amish country and it was quite the experience for me. He told me that the Amish people are quite well off. He also told me that they have a lot of tax exemptions. They don’t have health insurance. They don’t use the welfare system. They take care of each other. They don’t expect much from government and don’t want much from government. They don’t drive cars but they do hire drivers once in a while. They don’t have electricity in their homes and only use some in some of their businesses. They don’t have tractors. They milk the cows by hand. They use horses for everything. In short they live a simpler life and take care of their own. And they prosper even in these times. We could learn a thing or two from them.

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Richard Larsen: Government and Christian Morality

April 5th, 2010 by Halli

By Richard Larsen

This time of year has special significance to my family, as it does for all who call themselves Christian. Easter acknowledges what William F. Albright and Sir William Ramsey claim is one of the most documented historical events in ancient history: the resurrection of one Jesus of Nazareth. For Christians, Holy Week, Paschal Triduum, Good Friday, and Easter are significant to us not because of the historicity of the event, but because of what it represents theologically.

Ours is a Christian nation. Not in a theocratic sense, but historically, culturally, and ethically. Some basic tenets of Judeo-Christian values comprise the very foundation of our justice system. Much of our legal system is based on moral principles, including protection of life, protection of liberty, and the protection of property. Evidence is abundant, from our currency, “In God We Trust,” to the top of the Washington Monument, “Laus Deo,” or “Praise Be To God.”

However, institutionally and as a nation, we are not a theocracy. And the salvific precepts of holy writ cannot be imposed on an institution, a government, or a nation. The difficulty in imposing such values on our government, for example, becomes obvious when we acknowledge what the two greatest commandments are love of God and love of our fellow man. How can an institution, or a government, love? Plus, the politically-correct among us demand that our Christian values are to be kept as far away from government as possible. To them, there is to be a “wall of separation” between the two. Hence, to use Judeo-Christian values as an argument for government control of our health-care is disingenuous at best.

In the context of the health-care debate, some have attempted to impose onto government what was clearly intended as private morality based upon a fundamental belief in God. Christ’s message was to individuals. As individuals we are, as Paul said, to work out our salvation before God. Institutions have no redemption to seek and no grace to secure. And if Christ had intended for governments to abide by the deeply personal morality he was conveying to his disciples, he would have been promulgating his message to the Sanhedrin and the Roman leaders of his time, not to the primarily lower class residents of Judea.

Even our founding fathers recognized this crucial distinction. John Adams said, “It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue.” We have become increasingly corrupt as a culture, as ethics have morphed into relative or situational rather than absolute principles.

Fundamental to the Judeo-Christian value system is the free agency to choose for ourselves. Institutions don’t make teleological or eschatological decisions, individuals do. When institutions attempt to co-opt a belief system and then forcibly execute it on the public, it is not moral, but rather immoral. The First Amendment legally precludes Congress from doing that very thing.

This is singularly important in the discussion regarding health-care reform. Some in the public dialogue, including some letters submitted to the Journal editor, attempt to apply a Christian morality on the government, that it is the role of government to redistribute wealth, provide health care to all, and provide a cradle to grave security for all Americans.

It was this concept of security provided by government that Benjamin Franklin referred to many times, one variation of which is found at the base of the Statue of Liberty. “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” During the early days of the Patriot Act, those among us who were so concerned that George Bush and Homeland Security would be listening in on their overseas calls to terrorists or monitoring the sordid and questionable books they check out from the public library, were obsessed with this line. They were convinced they were sacrificing their liberty for their security. That security, however, is mandated by the Constitution. It’s called national security. The security Franklin was denouncing was the security bought with our liberty: sacrificing personal freedom for the security of governmental control over our lives. When government completely controls our health-care, who can deny that we have sacrificed immense personal liberty?

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t see problems with health-care costs. What emerged from Congress was the wrong prescription for the health-care ailments afflicting the nation. Attempts to classify governmental absorption of nearly one-fifth of our economy as “Christian,” or “moral,” lack comprehension of what both are, and they belie the affects of the legislation. We have done precisely what Franklin warned against. We have sacrificed essential liberty to obtain a little security. Perhaps his conclusion was correct. We deserve neither.

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Friday’s Halli & Friends Radio Program at 2pm

April 2nd, 2010 by Halli

Just a heads up – today’s Halli & Friends radio show will air at 2pm MDT.

I hope you’ll tune in and join the conversation at Then call in at (917) 889-3946, or participate via the chat room!

Be sure to check out past episodes on demand at the above website, or with the player on this website. You can listen to Ilo Jones, executive director of the Fully Informed Jury Association, and Rep. Janice McGeachin and Rep. Marv Hagedorn, as well as many other great guests.

And have a wonderful Easter!

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