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David Ripley: A Flashlight View into a Dark Closet

September 8th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Various media outlets, including the Idaho Statesman, have run stories on a horrible abortion machine based in Maryland, but operating in some four different eastern states. The heinous operation received national scrutiny because of the serious injury to a woman looking for a late-term abortion. Her injuries were so serious that emergency room doctors called in a “Life Flight” to take the woman to John Hopkins University.

The principal abortionist, Steven Brigham, has had his license to practice “medicine” suspended or revoked by five different states over the past 18 years. Yet his need for quick cash, and the demand for a way to dispose of preborn children has kept him in business.

This story provides America with a peek into who is involved in the mechanized death of babies, and how they view babies. It is, as it were, a glimpse into a dark closet aided by a flashlight. If we want to see how women and babies are regarded by those who profit from baby murder – we must have the courage to stand in the doorway and truly wrestle with the dark secrets hidden inside.

Of the many horrors one will find are the frozen remains of killed babies – many who were virtually full-term prior to their destruction at Brigham’s hands. Dozens of babies were found by police in freezers at the abortionist’s office. Looking for some kind of medical explanation, police were questions went unanswered.

We are reminded by a columnist with the Catholic Register that this Maryland horror show is not an isolated incident. Another abortionist, this one in Philadelphia, was found to have stored his killed victims in glass jars, like so many trophies. We have first-hand testimony from an Idaho woman that at least one Boise abortionist kept a jarred supply of his tiny victims in his office for “scientific” purposes.

What are average folks to make of this very dark practice? It is hard enough to understand why a guy with a medical degree would turn to destroying life when he has the skills to safeguard it; it is nearly beyond imagination why a person would fill a meat locker with his handiwork.

About the only thing that comes to mind by way of explanation is the practice of several infamous serial killers, who seemed so infatuated with death, with their own psychotic sense of power, that they found it impossible to let their victims go. They surrounded themselves with their victims by burying them under the house or packing them in freezers.

Let’s have the courage to draw the connections between such killers and those who prey upon defenseless babies in the womb.

Are these the men and women we want to hold such power over the health and lives of American women? Is this the best we can offer women in trouble?

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