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David Ripley: Abortion Becomes the 11th Hour Issue

October 18th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

As we enter the closing days of the 2010 election season, abortion is becoming a key battleground issue in a number of contests around the country.

California’s Barbara Boxer, desperate to hold onto her seat in the Senate, is trying to rally her base by attacking the Republican nominee for her pro-Life views. In fact, Boxer has gone so far as to equate her election contest as a de facto referendum on abortion rights. (Beats trying to defend a sorry legislative record).

Much the same dynamic is playing in Colorado, where Democrats are trying to derail the winning campaign of ken Buck because he has taken a strong pro-Life stand.

Here in Idaho, the National Right to Life Committee has just made a modest investment in explaining Walt Minnick’s pro-abortion politics.

In Nevada, Harry Reid is attempting to defend himself for backing the expansion of abortion under ObamaCare by asserting that, somehow, the Hyde Amendment will limit tax funded abortions. (Sen. Reid has never been too quick on picking up the details).

But the sorriest example of the fight over abortion rights may be in Florida, where Charlie Crist – the former pro-Life, Republican – has taken to attacking Marco Rubio for being pro-Life. As we’ve noted before, Crist’s use of preborn children to fuel his crude personal ambitions makes him the paragon of all that is rotten with the political class which has too long ruled this nation.

What are we to make of all this late focus on abortion? In its simplest form, it is largely a sign of Democrat desperation. They know that the nation is fired-up over their economic failures and the threat of ObamaCare to freedom and financial security. Democrats certainly know they must avoid talk about jobs and rising unemployment. What’s left?

They are desperately trying to motivate their radical base by raising the spectre of abortion rights, racism and Social Security.

Fortunately for America, this strategy will not gain them electoral victories. Most voters do not support their abortion radicalism, and see the expansion of abortion through ObamaCare as yet another example of their abuse of the public trust.

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