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David Ripley: Big Pro-Life Majority Wins House

November 5th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

This week brought renewed hope for the pro-Life movement and our nation: The election of a strongly conservative majority to Congress has purchased time for the nation to right itself after a long and continuous assault by the Left. A measure of fiscal sanity is all but certain.

Most importantly, Tuesday’s general election saw the election of a mighty host of new pro-Life advocates to the U.S. House. That is not accidental or coincidental. While the media focused on the fiscal and economic issues, many Americans were also paying close attention to the unprecedented assault on preborn children being waged by Obama and Pelosi.
Idahoans were obviously paying attention as well.

Raul Labrador’s defeat of Walt Minnick is a testament to the common sense and wisdom of Idaho voters. They saw through the smoke of Minnick’s many advantages – and were repulsed by his decision to wage a personal, nasty campaign. And they also clearly rejected Minnick’s radical pro-abortion values.

Idaho’s great call to moral clarity echoed through the land. As a result, we learned that at least 51 other pro-abort congressmen have been turned out, replaced by men and women who share our respect for human life. With ten other races still in recount – the gains could yet be greater.
This week’s election was – notwithstanding the president’s dull rhetoric – a resounding rejection of his scheme to federalize health care. That rejection certainly includes the Pelosi/Obama scheme to expand abortion through tax-funding.
It is not quite morning in America – but we may have survived the darkest hours of Obama’s regime.

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