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Bob Webster: The Three Faces of Islam

December 6th, 2010 by Halli

By Bob Webster

I recently emailed to an associate some actual media clips of Obama commenting on his Muslim faith, to which the associate requested that I “stop the hate mail” on Obama, and just accept him as our duly elected president and let him live out his term.

First, I have seen BO-BS’s (Barack Obama-Barry Soetoro) actual Kenyan birth certificate; he is not an American citizen, and has no Constitutional right to run for any public office in America.

Second, I looked up some information online about Islam, Muslims, Mohammed, jihad, infidels, etc, to clarify my understanding of BO-BS’s treasured Muslim faith and culture. I invite all to do the same. Here is my brief summary of these topics – to date.

THE THREE FACES OF ISLAM: 1 – Religion; 2 – Peaceful Islam; 3 – Violent Islam

Face #1 The Islam Religion:
Monotheism – Islam believes in one true God (Allah) and no other. Allah has no body or parts to see or touch, was not created nor has engendered offspring. Islam means, surrender of self to Allah’s will – worship of Allah only. He has given his instructions to men through a series of individual prophets: Adam; Noah; Abraham; Jesus and Mohammed (570 – 632 AD). Islam is the religion given to Adam. Mohammed is the final and only viable prophet to man today, who memorized God’s words to him, and taught them to others, who gradually wrote them down; those writings are the infallible Qur’an / Koran, including the practical doctrine of the Five Pillars of Islam: 1- Belief in the one True God/ Allah; 2- Belief in the Angels; 3 – Belief in the Book (al-Qur’an); 4 – Belief in Allah’s Prophets (and messengers); 5 – Belief in Judgment Day and Resurrection; and a 6th one – Belief in Fate.
Muslims believe that their God is the same God as the Hebrew/Christian God, but do not accept the Christian concept of a Trinity God (polytheism). Muslims reject all use of physical images in worship as idolatry. The most accepted infallible Qur’an today is the 1923 text prepared by the Cairo University Committee. Allah’s revelations to Moses and Jesus were adulterated, and Mohammed then received the true religion to correct the corruption. Bible truths have been misinterpreted, and Mohammed clarifies it all..
Modern Israelites and Christians are considered as degenerate breakoffs from true Islam, but are tolerated as “people of the book,” within the general faith of Abraham, because they believe in the prophets before Mohammed, and are also considered monotheistic religions, as contrasted to some polytheistic faiths around the earth. The Qur’an provides special status to “people of the book” living within Muslim areas, though not full Muslim citizen status Several sub-culture sects of Islam exist, with varying degrees of interpretation and practice of Islamic doctrine. Islam believes in a glorious resurrected life after mortality, for true Muslims. Only Muslims may enter their holy places of worship.

Islam is an all encompassing life culture that incorporates all personal, home, political, educational and business aspects of daily life. Routine daily prayers, and monthly fasts are expected to be observed by all. Any person may join Islam without any ritual of entry, merely by living the teachings of Mohammed faithfully. There are no pre-requisite conditions, such as baptism, or worship of any man (Jesus), nor any centralized priesthood authority to pass judgment on who is a worthy, practicing Muslim. A person decides that for himself.

Allah created Adam, and all children naturally believe in Allah, but their parents teach them false religions, for which Allah does not hold them accountable. Honest people accept Allah and reject false religions. Allah sent prophets to all nations, but people have distorted their teachings into false religions, with remnants of truth , eg 10 commandments. Every soul is accountable to Allah for his belief.

Face #2 – Peaceful Islam.
Mohammed’s basic teachings call for a tolerant, kind, generous and peaceful life style, avoiding offences; jihad is simply defined as a normal conflict in life to be overcome patiently and peaceably. The label of “infidel” is given to non-believers, such as polytheistic faiths. Only in drastic circumstances, such as Noah’s Flood, were the infidels eliminated, and that by Allah himself. Mohammed received his first vision in 611 AD at age 40 – a visit from Angel Gabriel, who dictated true doctrine to him in Arabic. Mohammed preached strict monotheism, and a judgment day; he did not fully reject Judaism or Christianity, but claimed to perfect them in peace and tolerance. By his death, he had unified Arabia and was spreading northward into Syria and Palestine. His biography was written 130 years after his death. Islamic culture is strictly male-dominant, with women subservient.

Islam is the world’s second largest religion, and the fastest growing.

Face #3 – Violent Islam.
Dominant male aggressors emerge as warrior-lords, who employ militant force to subdue and conquer other groups, particularly non-Islamic people. A knife or sword is the weapon of choice. They believe that it is Islam’s destiny to destroy all non-Muslims as infidels, and to conquer the world by force, and that to die in Allah’s service is their noblest act, yielding the highest eternal rewards hereafter. To them, Jihad is “holy war,” and is directed at Christians and Jews, as well as other non-Muslim infidels. Its goal is WORLD POWER. They pride themselves in violence, including the displaying of victim’s severed body appendages (hands, feet, heads) as tokens of their conviction. This political force is opposite to the principles of peace that Mohammed taught, yet is a serious political-military force to deal with.

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