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David Ripley: Planned Parenthood and the Cancer Industry

December 7th, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

There can be no serious debate about the fact that we live in strange times. Illogical, sometimes troubling days.
Let us consider the fact that the Komen Foundation provides substantial funding to Planned Parenthood as part of its campaign to prevent cancer. In fact, the Idaho affiliate of the Susan G. Komen organization announced in October that it was distributing some $525,000 in grants to local health care groups – including Idaho Planned Parenthood.
That may strike some readers as a nice thing.
But consider the indisputable linkage between rising cancer rates among American women and the 2 primary “products” hawked by Planned Parenthood: birth control and abortion.
We have talked about growing research linking abortion and breast cancer. Many blind devotees of the women’s “liberation” movement simply cannot get their minds and heart around that data. And it that is true – imagine their hostility to the mountain of data proving that birth control pills dramatically increase a woman’s risk of contracting a host of deadly cancers – breast, cervical and liver.
Doesn’t it seem strange that the flagship organization of cancer “prevention” is funding the nation’s largest cancer retailer?
But perhaps you are not convinced that the Pill has anything to do with cancer.
A detailed discussion of existing research was published by the Washington Times on November 27th. Among the facts which warrant loud and repeated publicity:
The deadly hormones contained in birth control regimes have been identified as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research for Cancer – a research arm of the World Health Organization; right besides well-known killers as asbestos and cigarettes.
Recent studies have found that a woman who uses birth control pills for four years prior to a pregnancy may increase her risk of breast cancer by some 52%.
What makes this matter even more urgent is President Obama’s drive to dramatically increase funding for Planned Parenthood and its “pop-the-pill” crusade. That is public tax money. And it may well be money being used to (literally) destroy the lives of our sisters, mothers, wives and daughters.
(Imagine, if you can, a Congressional program to distribute free packs of cigarettes to girls in American high schools).
Will the new Congress have the guts to hold hearings on the health threats posed by the Pill? And the federal government’s role in foisting Planned Parenthood’s agenda on our families?
Normally one cannot put much hope in Congress taking the high moral ground – especially when faced with the wrath of the Feminist Movement. However, there is some hope that the new pro-Life majority will take action to end Title X, if only to help patch together a solution to our deficit crisis.

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