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David Ripley: Top Pro-Life Developments of 2010

December 31st, 2010 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

As we close another year in the battle to restore protections for human life at all stages of development, it is important to pause – taking time to give thanks, time to reflect on the challenges ahead.

Here is our take on the most important pro-Life developments of 2010. Not all are positive, nor are they necessarily ranked in the correct order – but will prove to be critical moments in the campaign to rebuild a pro-Life social order.

1. The election of a new pro-Life House of Representatives. Without doubt, this is the most important and encouraging news of the year. After suffering two years’ under the combined power of Pelosi, Reid and Obama, the pro-Life movement gained much needed strength by the addition of some 52 new pro-Life members to Congress. Hopes are high that we will finally see an end to tax funding of Planned Parenthood – and that effective strategies will be implemented to prevent the federalized health care system from greatly increasing the number of preborn children slaughtered in the womb.

2. Closer to home, we give thanks for the election of Raul Labrador to Congress as one of that new and (hopefully) mighty number of tough reformers. Raul developed a strong pro-Life record while in the Idaho Legislature. We know without doubt that he has a heart to fight this mechanized attack on babies on the womb. What a blessing to have him in Congress rather than the rabid abortion champion, Walt Minnick!

3. We actually made some very important gains in the Idaho Legislature as well through our political action efforts this year. Gone are pro-abort Republicans Gary Schroeder and Chuck Coiner. (Thank you!) All in all, we should be working with the strongest pro-Life legislature in recent memory.

4. We are also most grateful for enactment of a new Conscience Protection Law in Idaho, which became effective this past July. It provides legal safeguards for health care professionals, not just in the area of abortion but in critical end-of-life situations as well. Two years’ worth of hard work went into securing this fundamental protection, but already there is talk by opponents that they will bring amendments in the 2011 Session to “fix” problems with the law. The “Death With Dignity” crowd is very upset over the notion that conscience protections will interfere with their drive to establish physician-assisted suicide in Idaho.

5. Norma McCorvey comes to Idaho. This was a big deal for the pro-Life movement here in the Gem State. For the first time we had a chance to hear from “Jane Roe”, the woman who played a critical role in establishing legalized abortion in America. After years as an ardent supporter of a woman’s right to abort her baby – including a stint actually working in an abortion clinic – the Lord of mercy restored her sanity and brought her to a natural appreciation for Life.

6. Defeat of the Burris Amendment. It was a very difficult story to follow, and the MSM did its job of obscuring this major pro-Life victory – but Planned Parenthood’s obsessive drive to turn military hospitals into abortion mills was finally defeated in the “Lame Duck” session of Congress earlier this month. Obama and pro-abort forces had an extraordinarily “good” legislative run after suffering ignominious rejection by voters in November; but, thankfully, forcing the military into the abortion business is not one of them.

7. Speaking of that historic election: There can be no serious argument that the American people have soundly rejected federalized health care. (Recent polling by Rasmussen puts support for complete repeal of ObamaCare at about 60%). That was the core issue of the mid-term elections, Obama’s spin notwithstanding. Not only does this mean real energy for the drive to stop rationed care and expanded abortion rates – it gives us all hope for a newly reinvigorated Republic.

8. The betrayal of pro-Life principle by Bart Stupak and his Democrat cohorts must be recalled, if only to be mourned. It seems a lifetime ago that the nation watched Stupak repeatedly declare that he would never back in March. While there is hope now that we can retake the ground he yielded to Obama, the sad truth is that Bart Stupak has great responsibility for the fact that we lost said ground in the first place. Had he held his ground, Stupak would have joined the immortals of the American Republic. Instead, he finds himself friendless and without office, burdened by a lifetime to ponder his cowardice.

The coming year will be another of struggle against the systematic destruction of God’s gift. We are hopeful, with your prayers and active involvement, that we will make more progress.
In the meantime, please accept our sincere gratitude and prayers that you and your loved ones enjoy the full measure of God’s goodness in 2011!

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