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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution – the Introduction

February 7th, 2011 by Halli

Bob is the author of an amazing manuscript entitled “Creation vs. Evolution” in which he explains why he, as a scientist, believes in Creation by a Divine Being. This post includes the introduction, and the first chapter will be posted immediately. Thereafter, one chapter will be posted each week. If you would like to have the manuscript in its entirety emailed to you, please use the contact form.

One of the problems in communications is that different people have different mental definitions of the same words, and consequently misunderstand and misinterpret one another. For the purpose of this book, the following words are used with the definitions provided here:

CREATION – means a planned, purposeful and deliberate act or series of actions by an intelligent Creator – GOD – resulting in the formation and organization of this earth and all of its contents, living and non-living. Each individual form of life was made complete, and each form was made genetically separate from all others.
The Biblical/scriptural time frame of 1000 years on earth for each God-day of creation is understood to be literally true, even though the counting of time was as yet irrelevant during the Creation period. This Creation implies not only a pre-planned, definite and sudden origin for all life, but that the earth and all associated with it have a pre-planned sequence of events to complete during a set time of duration, to be followed by a specific conclusion and a permanent reorganization of the earth and all its contents preparatory to its ultimate destiny.

All of this is for the benefit of man, who is the literal offspring of the Creator/Father God, and the entire process conforms to universal laws which govern endless space. Space is governed by Gods, of whom our Father is one. Man, likewise is capable of becoming a God, with the overall objective of continuing the Creation process for his own progeny.

RELIGION – in this book is considered to be the belief in a Creator/God, and includes the history of man’s origin and his subsequent relationship with his Creator. Religion also includes man’s practices of living, and his rituals of worship which are associated with his relationship with his Creator.

SCIENCE – is the systematic method of acquiring information and testing a theory against all available evidences, to determine if the theory is true or false. If not true, the theory is either discarded, or revised to conform to current evidence and retested. To be considered scientifically accurate, the procedure must be replicable by at least two independent parties, yielding the same result. A true scientist rigorously follows strict procedures, honestly recording all observations, and accepting all pertinent evidences, regardless of whether or not these evidences support the initial theory being tested. Science involves the use and development of equipment, procedures and materials for experimentation.

EVOLUTION – is a theory which presupposes the theories of uniformity and survival-of-the-fittest. With that foundation it proposes that the universe, the earth and all life forms on earth are the result of accumulative chance over enormous periods of time. The development of new life forms by mutation, or by cross-breeding of different forms would be considered “evolution.”

However, in this book, minor variations (e.g. varied colorings and sizes of flowers, animals or man, etc) within a species would not be considered as evolution, but mere adaptations.

UNIFORMITY – is a theory that the natural ongoing, physical, chemical and life processes evident today have always been this way, and are the key to interpreting events in the past or future. Changes in these processes are assumed to be slow and gradual, requiring millions of years for even minor changes to appear, survive and become dominant in their environment,

SURVIVAL-OF-THE-FITTEST – is a theory that living organisms survive by adapting to their environment as it changes. Those forms most able to adapt to changes are those which survive and predominate. Those least able to adapt become subordinate or disappear as extinct forms.
This theory presupposes that mutation is the primary way in which living things change and adapt to their changing environment, enabling them to survive.

MUTATION – is a theory which presupposes that the genetic code inherent within a living organism can be altered, by either energy rays (X-rays, gamma rays, etc.) or, by repeated exposures to other physical influences of the environment (temperature, moisture, rough, smooth, light, dark, stress, etc.). These alterations/adaptations in response to the environment can then be inherited by its offspring, according to this theory.

Mutation presupposes that all life forms on earth (living or dead) originated from one common ancestor in the ocean, which in turn originated from chance association and combination of non-living chemicals, which subsequently came to function as the original, primitive life form ancestor.

The chapters of this book attempt to follow a logical sequence. For example, before you can really dig in to get a satisfying answer to the question, “How old is the earth?” it is first necessary to define truth. This is done in Chapter 1, followed by the true account of the origin of earth, in Chapter 2.

Such a deliberately-planned creation by an intelligent human Creator naturally raises the question, Why? In response, Chapter 3 opens our view to “The Big Picture,” explaining the reasons behind all creations. It’s a view from God’s paradigm. Finally, Chapter 4 jumps into the heart and heat of the age-old science-vs-religion controversy, the age of the earth.

After that, Chapter 5 will compare the key principles upon which both Creation and evolution are founded. Chapter 6 then provides answers to some of the questions most commonly asked. Before you are tempted to turn directly to Chapter 6, remember that without the understanding gained in the first five chapters, the answers in Chapter 6 might not be clearly understood.

Chapters 7 through 10 are four chapters of references to statements and evidences by modern scientists and Christian leaders. The entire Chapter 7 consists of excerpts from LDS Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith’s writings, and from statements by other LDS Church leaders.

Chapter 8 comes from two valuable books, filled with known scientific evidences which are being ignored by the scientific and educational communities. These two books are Worlds In Collision and Earth In Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky. Although Velikovsky’s viewpoint is agnostic, his dedication to revealing true evidences is fearlessly scientific. His non-religious bias enhances the validity of his material.

Chapter 9 is derived from a priceless book by two scientists who are also Christians. In their scholarly work, The Genesis Flood, John C. Whitcomb Jr. and Henry M. Morris expose the heart of some amazingly unscientific procedures and conclusions which are currently accepted worldwide as true. Other Creation books by Christian authors are listed in the Appendix of this book as valuable references. You may be surprised to see what a wealth of information is available, considering the void of it in our system of education and common social belief.

Chapter 10 is drawn from three books: The Creation, by LDS scientist and teacher Frank B. Salisbury; Science And Mormonism, by Melvin A. Cook and M. Garfield Cook, who quote famous LDS scholars and church leaders on both sides of the issue; and Earth In The Beginning, by Eric N. Skousen, who proposes interesting answers to the ages and variety of fossils.

Armed with the outstanding TOPICAL GUIDE (TG) found in the back of the LDS King James Bible, an exciting study awaits the truth seeker. You will want to thoroughly study all of the cross-references in the TG under such headings as: CREATION; EARTH; JESUS CHRIST – CREATOR; MAN; TIME; and THOUSAND.
In addition to the Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine And Covenants you’ll find exciting material in other books and tapes by LDS authors, some of which are listed below:

Book or Tape Author

Man, His Origin And Destiny – Joseph Fielding Smith
Doctrines of Salvation – Joseph Fielding Smith
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith – Joseph Fielding Smith
Mormon Doctrine – Bruce R. McConkie
Discourses of Brigham Young – John A. Widtsoe
The First Two Thousand Years – W. Cleon Skousen
Introduction To The Dead Sea Scrolls (tapes) – Inar Erickson

As part of your preparation to receive these treasures of truth, please take the time to read each scripture reference. Don’t skip past it, simply because it isn’t printed here for your convenience. As you study, pray sincerely to receive understanding of the true meaning as intended by the Lord. God bless you in your search for truth.

Robert L. Webster

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