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Bob Webster: Creation vs Evolution – Chapter Two

February 14th, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

Chapter One available here.

Few topics are argued more bitterly than is THE ORIGIN OF THE EARTH. Yet, many scholars and religious leaders avoid the subject, at least publicly.

Creation supporters, clinging faithfully to the Biblical account in Genesis, find themselves assailed relentlessly with strong-sounding evidences and “logic” from what Apostle Paul called the wisdom of men and science falsely-so-called. With the Bible alone, many Christians have felt hard pressed to defend Creationism in any tangible terms, beyond their own firm faith.

On the Evolution side, the weight of numbers of supporters has been intimidating to non-evolutionists. So complete is the world-wide indoctrination of the theory of evolution into the textbooks, encyclopedias, university dogma, research and scientific literature, political philosophies and social beliefs that the theory is accepted as though it was an established fact – as truth!

Perhaps the favorite “evidence” thrown against Creationists is the “millions-of-years age of the earth,” as determined, supposedly, by the process known as carbon dating. While on one hand the evolutionists talk casually of an earth millions of years old, they gasp in disbelief at a Creationists account of only a few thousand years.

For many Christians, carbon dating and the geologic time table of millions of years are a severe test of their faith. Feeling outnumbered and inadequately armed when challenged to produce “proof of Creation, Christians often struggle to ride the fence, trying to accommodate an awkward marriage of portions of both arguments. Some even suggest that, “maybe God used evolution as His method of Creation.”

Fortunately, the Genesis account no longer stands alone. God has provided additional witnesses in modern scriptures to strengthen and support the Biblical truths about Creation. Both Biblical and modern testaments have been revealed from heaven to man in times when this knowledge was needed. Together, they stand so clear and understandable that the honest truth seeker, both in faith and in science, can accept the evidence.

However, for those who lack a conviction of the reality of these modern testaments, as delicious as they may seem, they cannot use them, without first agreeing that these modern prophets and scriptures are divine, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is actually the true church of Jesus Christ, restored in purity and power on earth.

It is in this very point that the LDS member with testimony has the enormous advantage. Standing firmly on the side of True Religion, the LDS Creationist may experience what Jesus experienced when His doctrine of truth became too hard for the popularly established religion – “and from that day they followed him no more.” Most Biblical Creationists, while welcoming the LDS support, will not accept LDS modern prophets or scriptures, regardless of how true it may sound to them.

False Religion and False Science alike will simply refuse to believe truth, until they become converted by the Holy Spirit to know that Joseph Smith is a true, modern prophet of God. So, to a degree, the unfortunate conflict continues, even between LDS and Biblical Creationists. The LDS believes the Bible’s Genesis account, but the non-LDS Christians oppose the LDS Christians’ modern revelations on Creation.

If, however, we can agree on the divinity of these modern sources, then we can proceed to discuss the age of the earth. These modern evidences from the Creator Himself reveal exciting and clear information about the Creation.

Bible scholars have often had difficulty defending the Biblical concept of one day with God equals one thousand years on earth. This has been a focal point of attack by the supporters of the geologic time table, which assigns millions of years of age to the earth’s sedimentary rock layers. In Genesis Chapters one through five is found a day-by-day account of the Creation sequence of events. In addition, the principle Bible references which mention the 1 day to 1000 years relationship are:
Ps. 90:4; II Pet. 3:8; and Rev. 20:2-4 (See T.G.: THOUSAND, TIME, CREATION)

But now modern revelation provides even more clear explanations to support the Bible account:

Moses Chapters 1 – 7, especially 1:8, 25-39; all of Ch 2; 3:1-7; and 7:30. Compare with the Genesis account. Please read these before continuing.

Ab. 1:31 Moses had the records of the patriarchs since Adam, which contained knowledge of the Creation, of the planets and stars, as God had revealed it all to all ancient prophets.

Ab. 3 Before Abraham went into Egypt to escape a famine, God showed him the organization of the heavens, the stars in space and the earth’s creation.

Ab. 3:4 One rotation of Kolob (star nearest To God’s home star) on its axis equals 1000 years of time on earth. Kolob governs our earth and solar system, besides many other earths like ours, peopled with God’s children.

Ab. 3:5-10 There are SET TIMES to the revolutions, days, months and years of the earth, the sun, moon and all stars.

D&C 88:25 Earth abides celestial law.
:36-38 All space and all kingdoms abide a law.
:42-45 There are FIXED courses, times and seasons of earth and all planets.
121:31 SET times, seasons, revolutions, days, months and years. (See also D&C 121:12 and 130:4-9).

Alma 30:44 “All the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a supreme Creator.”

(These scriptures can be found at

As clear and understandable as these revealed truths are, they should be sufficient for the faith of any Latter-Day Saint. But there is yet another segment, often overlooked, which reveals even more about how God intelligently organizes His creations out in space, for His eternal plan. It is FACSIMILE STONE NUMBER 2 in the Book of Abraham, in the Pearl of Great Price. As explained in the introduction to the Pearl of Great Price, it was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith from certain Egyptian mummy scrolls which came into his possession..

Joseph’s notes alongside the drawings of FACSIMILE STONES NUMBERS 2 and 3 explain that God has withheld the interpretation of some of the hierogliphics. The characters which Joseph was permitted to understand shed exciting light on the precise timing relationships which govern all of space. As interested as modern men are in the exploration of space, this knowledge is enough to put a True Scientist into orbit!

For background, we see first that FACSIMILE STONE NUMBER 3 shows Abraham, the prophet of God, reasoning in Pharaoh’s court upon the topic of astronomy. Remember that Abraham had received this knowledge by direct revelation from God just prior to entering Egypt. FACSIMILE STONE NUMBER 2 contains that very same knowledge which Abraham was explaining to the Egyptians. The modern world praises the advanced knowledge and understanding of astronomy of ancient Egypt. But they received it from God’s prophet, Abraham.

It may help, to understand the organization of creations in space, to visualize the design of a simple bicycle gear. The large front sprocket is connected by a chain to a smaller rear sprocket. One turn of the large sprocket/gear turns the small gear several times, depending on the gear ratio. Whether linked by a chain or by directly intermeshed teeth, all gear systems are designed on this same principle of gear ratios and an external source of power. They are deliberately made by an intelligent creator for a purpose, on earth as well as in heaven

Just like gears, each planet in space is governed in its movements by an invisible, yet real power linkage from a greater planet, one which moves in a slower order of rotation on its axis. Thus, their revolutions about their axes, rotations in orbits within larger systems, and the reckoning of their times, seasons, years, months days, hours and minutes are PRECISELY SET by their Creator, following eternal laws of order, for eternal purposes.

All space is governed by intelligent laws of order, harmony and good. CONFORMING OBEDIENTLY TO THAT INTELLIGENT SYSTEM IS WHAT CONSTITUTES BEING A GOD. God is a God because He has attained perfect obedience to the orderly laws of truth and good. That is true love. God acts only by perfect love. Because all of His thoughts, intents, and actions are made in perfect love, the elements and powers of eternity obey Him. By His word He creates and sets worlds and solar systems in motion. Because the elements exist in tune with the frequency of perfect love, they respond automatically to His wish, just as a remote-controlled toy car obeys its designed signal. It can’t do otherwise; that’s how it is made and programmed. God is the very personification of love, and when He speaks, the elements willingly obey His energy frequency. They obey the sons of God also, under appropriate conditions.

As long as we’re talking about the “big picture,” as God sees it, it may help to put things into perspective by looking up at the star-filled sky on a clear, dark night. What we can see is only a very, very limited view of space, in breadth or depth. Special telescopes and cameras can reveal more stars than the human eye itself can ever see. If seeing is believing, these instruments can greatly aid our knowledge and our faith.

All of the bodies and powers which man has been able to discover in space is what we call our universe. Our earth’s solar system is a minute part of only one galaxy in our universe. Our Milky Way is shaped much like a giant pinwheel, composed of several million stars. These stars are more densely concentrated near the thicker center, tapering and curving out into less-concentrated arms at the outer edges.

Telescopes have seen other galaxies with this same type of spiral shape. Our solar system, they say is located out near the end of one of those curved arms of stars (the X on the sketch). When we see the Milky Way at night, we are actually looking inward, edgeways toward the cross-section of that starry arm (arrow). Even the several million stars and solar systems of our galaxy are not the end of space. Space is an endless repetition of galaxies, nebulae (star clouds) and stars, separated by vast distances. The farther our instruments can see, the more we discover. It is endless.

For example, by pointing a special telescope out toward space from earth’s Northern Hemisphere, the resulting computerized mosaic pattern of lights shows that there are at least one million galaxies in just that narrow and short distance view of space (* see reproduction next page 2-6). By aiming the earth’s strongest telescopes in that same viewing area, 1.1 billion galaxies can be seen! Then, within only a tiny 6 by 6 degree square of that overall view, one million galaxies can be seen.

In other words space is endless! The nebulae, galaxies and clusters of galaxies go on forever! The number of solar systems in just our own Milky Way Galaxy, which potentially could have an earth situated like ours where life could exist, is realistically numbered in the millions! That’s just our galaxy! And the galaxies are countless . . . and endless.

The awesomeness of our own tinyness amid all that space makes the scriptures just that much more meaningful (TG JESUS CHRIST – CREATOR). But before you let yourself feel like an insignificant nobody, stop and think . . . there has to be an important reason behind all that space and stars. There is. And it is thrilling to know.

The next natural question to arise is, “Why?” Why is all of this enormity of space organized in this way? The prophet Moses asked the same question, and the Creator gave him this explanation, “FOR BEHOLD, THIS IS MY WORK AND MY GLORY – TO BRING TO PASS THE IMMORTALITY AND ETERNAL LIFE OF MAN” (Moses 1:39). Re-read that and think about it.

In other words, God exists to have children, and to help them achieve perfection, as He has, to be like Him, to be with Him, to have all that He has . . . yes, to become Gods themselves, as He is. This is the real purpose of all the creations of space, including this earth. It is all for man, the very children of God! How’s that for mixing science and religion? It is simply and inescapably true. Eventually, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that it is true. As a modern prophet has expressed it, “As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become.” (Lorenzo Snow).

Yes, God was once a mortal man on an earth, who perfected himself in obedience to the same eternal plan which we face, and became a God. God is His title; Elohim is His name. His consuming passion is to rear His beloved children unto perfection, like unto Himself and to His beloved firstborn Son, Jehovah, our brother and Savior, Jesus the Christ. This Father-to-Son process is as endless as space (Moses 1:29-40).

*See the computer mosaic picture of space available at the address below. Each minute bright white square dot represents 10 galaxies. The dullest gray dots are one galaxy. Photocopied from the Co-Evolution Quarterly, 1978-79. A copy of the entire 2 ? x 3-foot mosaic can be obtained by sending $5.00 US to ONE MILLION GALAXIES, Co-Evolution Quarterly, Box 428, Sausalito, California, 94966.

This is what makes this short earth life so eternally important! All we need to do is obey our loving Father’s instructions and we cannot fail. He has provided the way for everything to be accomplished successfully. As a coach trains his team, so our Father’s commandments are his best counsel to bring us, His own beloved children, home to Him again. They are all for our own eternal good. But the coach cannot play our roles for us. Only we can perform, and obey or disobey, making conscious choices for ourselves.

A proper understanding of this overall process helps us not only to explain science and religion, but more importantly, it motivates us to live right for the right reasons. WE ARE GODS IN EMBRYO!

Just as a space craft returning to earth must obey precise laws to safely hit the “re-entry window” of earth’s atmosphere, so also must we follow the straight and narrow path to perfection, back to our heavenly home. It’s exciting! And oh how our heavenly parents love us and want us to come home to them again, where we will continue our progress, providing new earth creations for our own spirit children.

FACSIMILE STONE #2 teaches us that our earth’s branch of God’s creations in space consists of a series of organized planets, interconnected by a precise power linkage, as surely as the two bicycle sprockets are connected by a chain drive. It’s much like a series of gears. At this point we do not know the exact power system, but some day we shall. In fact we must master it, when we begin our own creations in space. It sure beats playing harps!

FACSIMILE STONE #2 reveals more than any other scriptures on this topic, so far, and Latter-Day Saints should be thankful and pray for confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Then they should testify enthusiastically of the truth, against worldly theories. Thanks to this revealed knowledge, we know a little more of the HOW and quite a bit more of the WHY our earth was created. Who could reject this truth from the pure source, in favor of false and unverifiable theories of men?

We are nearly ready to examine some of the details of the true creation story. But one more step first. Let’s check out the Master’s Plan, so we can understand 1) Where did man come from? 2) Why is man on earth? and 3) Where is he going after this life? Answers to these questions help us to understand WHY the Creation took place as it did, HOW LONG will earth last, WHAT WILL HAPPEN to the earth in the end, and if there are OTHER EARTHS inhabited by man. If you are interested, Chapter three is packed with answers.

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