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Andi Elliott: Party of Lincoln?

February 16th, 2011 by Halli

By Andi Elliott

I have to take exception to the op ed of Feb 16 in the Post Register titled “No longer the party of Lincoln”. According to my study of history using original sources, it was Lincoln who was found by the United States Supreme Court to have violated the law when he invaded South Carolina as they attempted to succeed from the union. And as stated by our founding documents, it is the duty of citizens to protect the supremacy of states’ rights over that of an encroaching Federal Government. Thankfully, the writer did not also erroneously state that Lincoln started the Civil War to free slaves.

The author states that “Nullification and secession breed anarchy-and anarchy is the doorman for despotism”. What would be the process for states to follow in reigning in an overbearing and Constitutional sidestepping government? I would advocate for the process put forth by those who founded this country.

The editorial continues with a statement regarding “rule by the minority”. May I pose a question? What does the writer think happened when Obamacare was instituted or shall I say “rammed down our throats under the cover of darkness”? Did the majority support this legislation. Evidence points to the contrary.

Personally, I have never completely understood the affiliation of the GOP with Lincoln other than the most basic of issues. I’ve found several aspects of his presidency rather reprehensible. Nonetheless, regarding the comment about Jefferson Davis…I would much rather be affiliated with someone such as Davis who staunchly displayed his loyalty for his homeland rather than a President who travels the world apologizing for the greatest nation on earth.

Furthermore, the twisting of words is a standard protocol of the Left who cherry pick the words of wisdom of our forefathers as they formulated these writings during the heat of battle while trying to form a new nation that would forever place the power in the hands of the people who then, as a matter of course, were expected to guard the freedoms that were grounded in the blood of Patriots. And yes, we must even be defiant and raise the issue of the sovereignty whenever “in the course of human events”, it becomes necessary to reestablish control over a government who is seeking to create absolute power over the very people who have entrusted their country to it. It is our solemn and patriotic duty and at times, the only recourse left to a free people.

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