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Andi Elliott: We the People

February 20th, 2011 by Halli

By Andi Elliott

WE THE PEOPLE sent a resounding message that reverberated across the nation in November…stop the out of control Federal government! My Idaho has stepped up to the plate and become a leader in repealing the abomination of the unConstitutional and overbearing Obamacare bill. Less we forget, this piece of legislation was passed under the cover of darkness with unprecedented “arm twisting and payoffs” conducted by a president who is ruling in direct opposition to the large majority of Americans. We were and are still “fed up”.

This week, the Idaho House representatives did their patriotic duty and overwhelmingly voted to reassert the power of the states granted to them by the United States Constitution. According to our legislative process, the bill now proceeds to the Idaho Senate. Here I have concerns. Some of our Republican Senators are wavering. One would think that in their vote of support for our Constitutional sovereignty that they are being asked to give up their property, their families, and their very lives. Thank God that our forefathers were willing to do just this.

The nation is watching Idaho. We bravely stepped to the forefront as the first state to begin the nullification process to reign in this Federal government. When Idaho proudly gains a place in history as one who was willing to face down an all consuming federal government and force its adherence to the laws of our nation, she will become a leader that will precipitate an unprecedented movement amongst other states who will eagerly move to her side and follow her lead in their own state legislatures.

Idaho Senators…do not let us down. We will not forget that you will have committed a brave and noteworthy act OR will have succumbed to the state of an amorphous jelly-like mass unwilling and unable to stand for Idaho and America. Must we take to the streets against those who would ignore WE THE PEOPLE? We watch as open revolts take place around the world against tyrannical and oppressive governments. WE THE PEOPLE have followed the law through our emails, calls, and faxes, and rallies at Capitols across the country. WE THE PEOPLE expect that our Senators obey our directives. We sent you to Boise to do just that. DO NOT BETRAY US!

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